Replace battery in Backfire G2

I got a Backfire G2 and realized now after 10 months riding that I need a better range. So my question then:

Is it possible to change the battery to something similar (physical size) without needing to replace/re-program anything else (except maybe connections)? If I´m correct the standard battery is a 10S2P so my thought was to replace it with a 10P2S but a more powerful version. I´ve been looking at the 10S2P at

EDIT: For other people thinking the same, battery measurements: 155 x 101 x 40 mm

Ownboard sells a 10s2p Samsung 30Q battery. Less voltage sag and 6ah capacity. The size better you check but I bet it’s compatible. Otherwise you can make it by yourself or pay someone else to do it.

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You can get Meepo Sanyo 20700b 10s2p Tesla pack. It will double your range, no sag. Batteries are slightly bigger, so will fit snugger & you’ll need an adapter for the connector. Tesla 20700b cells give you 3000+ Cycles. Many other cells give 200-300 cycles.



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That was some interesting stuff! The decision now is to choose between the Samsung and the Sanyo.

Thanks! Ownboard also got the Sanyo but Meepo had quite a bit lower price so this is starting too look good.

Maybe for hub motor is enough but I think Samsung 30Q has better discharge current so better for hills climbing. Just said that because the Samsung 30q is the most used in esk8

I made a quick search and correct me if I´m wrong, but the Sanyo gives more range and the Samsung gives more power output (= faster uphill) ?

Yeah I haven´t heard that much about Sanyo but Samsung 30Q is to be seen everywhere.

Depends also on the ESC. Since you are not using VESC, the ESC are usually set to pull 15A at most so probably Sanyo is fine as well and you won’t notice different. Although it’s true Samsung 30W has more current available and still good capacity with a 6Ah in 2p configuration.