Replace Evolve GTX Esc with vesc?

Hi guys my evolve esc has been experiencing cutouts as of late and i just dont trust it any more. Ive ordered a 6.6 vesc and would like to get it installed. Just wondering if anyone has some tried and tested settings for the factory motors.

Yes, no problem to use the factory motor. Just use the wizard in vesc tool (and do the motior detection properly) and it will work like a charm!

You’ll need to replace that bms too. Don’t forget a new remote as well. A new battery will do you good too.

While you’re at it you should replace that deck and trucks too.

Oh and new wheels.

New motors and mounts for that new truck will be necessary.

Bigben can help you sort out a new enclosure.

Hey what do you know. You just went diy. Lucky you you’re at the right place.

Until you find the other place.


Is the bms necessary? Does it get communication back from the factory esc on the uart? When I ordered the vesc I grabbed a vx2 remote aswell so that’s not an issue.

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Yeah it does. Or you wouldn’t be able to check cell status on the r2 remote.

Get a cheap bms for charge only. D140 bestech or some cheap one from AliExpress.

Better yet get a diebiems.

I forgot to add you’ll need an anti spark solution too when going to move to vesc tool based esc. It might be included with that 6.6 thingy but I hear they’re no good.

If you get the diebiems you don’t need it.

LOL crazy how fast this happens huh

Don’t trust the included anti spark in the 6.6? My experience so.far has been great. I have the old and new version of the duel 6.6 as well as a duel 4.2. The included antispark in all of them have been perfect, but that is just my anecdotal evidence.

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Good to hear some positive feedback. I don’t have any experience with this 6.6 version with integrated anti spark. It’s just from what I’ve read here from others that pointed this out.

Most trustworthy for me has been the xt90s and the as150. Diebiems still has to prove itself but no bad news so far and it’s been around for three batches now.

They listened and did a full redesign incorporating all the feedback. Wow isn’t that a breath of fresh air? 6.6 dual is a good option now. Got everything the unity has and actually arrives at your door. Also how the fuck did you get banned from news? Bans do not exist over there. What did you do?

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And it can handle much more power then the unity.

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100amps per side is nothing to be sniffed at and at 279 it is a bargain. According to Jason though the unity is actually a vesc 7.:thinking:

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I initially was looking to get the unity but didn’t want to wait months on a pre order without a shipping date. Good thing to since it took another 2 months for them to ship and I’m assuming from china.

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If you’d ordered 50 you would have had them after a week. 1 or 2 and back of the queue. How they roll unfortunately. Expect bioboards and lacroix have a pallet each by now no matter when the order was placed. Ali express seem to have loads. Strange??

Ali express has unity?

Have a look. They were listed with a crazy moq funny as

Might be chinese dodgy business practices though…Make 500 for enertion and make 700 for us…make 1000 for enertion and make 2000 for us…

In all reality the unity will soon be available off the shelf for whoever wants it. Thats why the delays, funding for production. Take all the money in and spend nothing till production is complete. Why the likes of Bara and all the carls weren’t paid. image

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Got a link or a keyword to search for?

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Somebody else linked it to me and I didn’t bookmark it. I’m thinking just a unity search should do it though.

No it doesn’t.

my third remote throttle doesnt work. R2 remotes suck. how can I change the ESC? whats compatible?

Hoping you still picking up this thread! I have the FSESC dual 6.6 plus, with the stock evolve motors (will fir the 6384`s when I work out how to make them fit!) but the wizard doesn’t seem to be working as expected. It detects the motors as FOC and spins them up and down fine, but when I apply throttle on the VX2 remote the motors either seem on or off and one of them makes some funky noises, like its stopping and starting. This is inconsistent if I reset the ESC, it could then be doing this on the second motor. Any ideas please?