Replacement 2.4 receiver for the Torqueboard Mini remote transmitter

I recently had a TorqueBoard 2.4 receiver crap out on me. I was riding along nice and easy and I got a shutter in the power and a complete loss of signal. The rx would not power up anymore. Anyway when I asked Dexter if he sold a replacement he said he did not. I found this replacement on Amazon

I just wanted to share that it seems to be an exact replacement and works just fine.

I also wanted to pose this question for those that are more knowledgeable about 2.4 receivers…

What additional receivers would be compatible for this TX and some of the other popular TXs we use ?


Thanks for this one :slight_smile:

@relaxnfly - I should have some spares for it soon too. Just at the time I didn’t have it.

@relaxnfly You’ve actually tested and confirmed that this is the same unit and compatible with the TB transmitter?

@torqueboards What would be the cost for the spare receivers when you have them?

@Mobutusan - I won’t have many of them they are just lost spares. But they’ll be about $15 probably.

Those should work… They look the same.

Thanks. Good to know.

Yep tested and confirmed. I just got back from a 5 mile ride. I had no problems pairing the rx to the tx.

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Here is a pic of the underside of the bad receiver after I removed the case. I clearly had a short that fried it. My best guess is the esc programming connector touched the pins at the end of my UBEC. I learned my lesson… So I covered these up with some electrical tape.