Replacing battery in V1 Boosted

I have a V1 Boosted Board and it seems the battery is not fixable. Can anyone help me find a way to replace the battery?


Ask someone to build u one so u kan have XR. A SD boosted battery are expensive for the millage u get.

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I build batteries for the best price around if you are interested

V1 works only if you have the original bms fully working

What is the best price around, Dirtbag?

Everything seems to be fully working. I can use the board for a mile and the battery dies. What are symptoms of a BMS not working?

It depends on what you need, but when i get you an estimate it will almost always be considerably cheaper than other battery builders.

For example, i was selling 10s4p sony vtc5 packs for $300 free shipping

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Does anyone know what would be involved in me adding a new battery to my V1 boosted board? I dont know anything about BMS. The board currently works, but I dont know what happens once I unplug the battery.

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Hi, I have a related question. Sorry for the long background text, but I will get back to batteries… :slight_smile:

My Boosted v1 (single) board hasn’t been charged for a long time so it didn’t want to charge now that I wanted to (seems like a well known thing…) A few days ago I used a drill to turn the motor enough to get it to charge, and left to to charge fully.

The board runs poorly, however – it seems the motor doesn’t get nearly as much power as it used to. Also, it didn’t want to play anymore after riding it for only about 2 km. The app says it is still 75% charged, but it also says that the estimated remaining distance is -3.2 km, so I do not really trust what it says.

Anyway, I was hoping that if this was an issue with unbalanced batteries then maybe charing it again would fix it. Anyway, three cycles later same thing.

Today I decided to open up the battery compartment to at least check the charge level of the individual cells. Not easy… I struggled with the old glue for about an hour before cracking it open. Still can’t get the batteries and BMS out of the box, but at least I can now measure the voltage over each cell. To my surprise they were all 3.29 V or 3.30 V (this was after the board stopped running – still claiming to be 75% charged).

So, my battery question is this: is it likely that the batteries are damaged and just do not behave well under load, or would this indicate that something else is off? Any ideas about how to test that?

Thanks for any info,