Replacing bearings of TB 6355 motors

One of my TB motors is making a kat-kat-kat sound and it’s not as free as the other one. I made sure that there was no stray object that was rubbing against the stator. I was wondering if replacing the bearings will solve the problem. Do you guys know to remove them?

To answer my own question, here’s a video

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Have you tried re-greasing/oiling the bearings first? Usually that alone should be enough.

No I haven’t. What sort of oil/grease do you suggest.

Although, it’s kind of too late. I did take the bearings out. Trying to find replacements. The motors use NSK 688Z and 698Z. Would you suggest I stick to that brand or any brand is fine?

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Here’s the best stuff I have ever used. From Oust Bearings. It’s got a needle applicator which keeps things from getting too messy.


Yeah, I’d use the same bearings as they are probably much easier to find. Any bearing oil will work. The one @Ulfberht mentioned works. I have one similar. I usually re-oil everything once a month if you use it often. Definitely helps IMO.

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Check these guys out for bearings:


@mccloed Sweet link! :thumbsup:

@mishrasubhransu I was wondering how you overcame this problem? One of my motors is doing the same thing now after 230+ Kms. Cleaning won’t work on this one. I can actually move the shaft up and down ever so slightly. If the bearing goes while riding the motor will be toast. So for now I’m riding on one motor.

If you found replacements can I ask where you bought them and maybe for the part numbers. Ideally I would just replace them all in both motors with ceramic if I can find them.

Thanks for any help Kevin

I replaced the bearings, by getting 2x688z(link) and 1x698z(link) . The default NSK bearings seems to be of higher quality than what I replaced it with. I though of replacing them with ceramic to make them water proof, but they are just too expensive for me. If your motor is spinning fine, don’t replace the bearings, it’s too much of a hassle.

I later found the noise was not from the motor but from the slight movement/interaction of wheel pulley with the wheel :frowning:

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Been in a few situations like that myself with trouble shooting. Gotta say though I’m 210lbs and a single motor with @torqueboards 12s esc drags me up some pretty big hills. Just had to try it.

The shaft in my motor actually has some up and down play in it :unamused: so maybe I will just drive it into the ground.

Thanks for the reply and the links

@i2oadsweepei2 if the motor shaft has play you can check the rear end of the motor shaft and make sure those bolts are bolted down.

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Thanks Dexter I will double check on that tonight before I take her out.