Replacing or ugrading remote for teamgee h5

My remote quit charging and I’m wondering if I have to get the replacement from teamgee or if I were to upgrade to a nicer remote would it pair to the esc? This is my ride to work daily so time is of importance

Unless there’s a separate receiver board that talks to the ESC board, you’re probably SOL in terms of anything other than a direct replacement from the manufacturer.

Right on. Teamgee does sell replacements for all components. I just didn’t want to ride the bus for 2 weeks while it ships.

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Buy two, keep one as a spare? Won’t help now, but if it ever quits again it’ll be a timesaver.

Adulting LMAO! I’m 42 and I still suck at it. I’m in the process of collecting parts for my first build. Just got my dicky ho motor mount and pulley kit today. Stoked

If they use a generic esc then you could connect any standard remote from meepo or those companies

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