Replicating Evolve 6" AT conversion kit with DIY

I want this:

But it is perpetually out of stock. I even called Evolve in CA and asked when it will be available and if, by chance, they have any lying around.

I’m tired of waiting; is it possible to replicate this via DIY?

Essentially I need these parts:

  • 47T Drive belts x2
  • 47T Drive gear x2
  • Wheel hub
  • 6" tires that fit hub

And I guess the wheel hub and/or drive gear needs to fit the Evolve axles… ?

Thanks for the help!

We should have our 6.3" AT Tires soon. Will be about 30-40 days waiting on the shipment.

62T Drive and 15mm wide belts fits our 218s.

image image


and did i read somewhere @torqueboards that the 6.3" rim was a better option cuz it would fit larger tires? or was I dreaming that??

@accrobrandon It should… I’ll have to double check to see if I can fit it w/ others but the entire goal was to have a 7 or 8" option down the road also w/ the same rims. Pretty sure it does. Was trying to make it more universal too.

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What kind of belt length would you be looking at with the mounts as illustrated in the picture? Something like 405mm or something?

That’s going to be a lot more torque-y than the Evolve kit, right?

@ShutterShock Yeah, I think it was 410mm.

@cjbottaro Yeah, I think they use 47T. We also have 18T if you wanted less torque.

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will you have TDDD hubs for your AT wheels? :heart_eyes:

HahHA imagine wanting less torque :rofl:

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Thx I am building wheels with similar dimensions with the v4 mounts and I need to buy some belts soon, was wondering what size you used

@murdomeek - Yeah got the first wheel adapters on their way so should test soon which should be a ton of fun. If all goes well will have the adapters same time as when the tires arrive.

@torqueboards does the Drive Gear - All Terrain 42T from evolve fit on your torqueboards pneumatic wheels?