Repurposing Boosted Battery?

Hey guys, I’m kinda new to the esk8 community and wanted some help with a build I’m trying to do. I have an old V2 standard range battery lying around and was wondering if anyone had any experience with a custom build with it. I did some research, but didn’t find much about this kind of project and found that there would probably be some issues with the BMS. Also, I know that a Boosted Battery will most likely not even compare to buying a Li-ion battery, but I think it’d be a nice project to work on plus I need to save some money at the moment before I want to really improve my build and I have it lying around so why not(?). If anyone could give some insight to if such a project is even possible or how I could go about doing it, that’d be great!

You could either re-purpose the 12 LiFePo4 cells or gut the enclosure and fit a 10s2p in there (with 18650 cells) and a charge only BMS.

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I’ve done it.

Bypass for discharge. Everything else functions fine.

It’s an invasive project don’t attempt unless you have some experience.


I think you’ve got more than “some”!

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Oh wow that’s pretty awesome! At least it’s nice to know that it’s possible then :slight_smile:

Kinda off topic but does anyone know what the 3 thin wires coming out of the V2 standard battery BMS is? I got an old V2 battery and would prefer to preserve the BMS so I don’t have to buy a new one.

I’ve read that shorting the middle pin to negative wire of the BMS output , enables discharge. Battery gives flashing red light but discharge does work. I am trying it right now and was wondering if there are any reasons not to do it.

So its a 12s1p inside a boosted ?? I need to change a battery and i will like to put 30Q in there and keep the same bms … is that possible ?? Thanks ! @barajabali