Repurposing raptor 2.0 parts into a trampa build? Advice!?

What’s up everybody I need your advice. I have a raptor 2.0 that got caught in the rain and is now experiencing some electrical issues. I would like to recycle this bird into a Phoenix of sorts if possible. I watched a LOT of YouTube DIY Eskate and the trampa setups look amazing. I want that to be my next ride.

A quick breakdown of what happened… I was riding home from work in NYC and got caught in a pretty torrential downpour last September. When I got home I unscrewed the battery casing and see that there was quite a bit of water that was pooling up in there so I let it dry for 3 days without touching it. When I finally tried to turn it on I immediately heard a POP like a fuse braking. Sad life.

This is what the board is currently doing when I turn it on. It seems totally fine at first glance. The 2 FOC boxes light up and get signal. I can connect to the remote just fine and spin the wheels. The problem is trying to charge my battery I cannot get to full charge anymore. I get to 98%. I took it out for a spin to see how it functioned and I will get random system shutdowns. So, not wanting to die i stopped riding for the season and here we are, good weather arriving and me having to take the subway like a chump. I got 2 great seasons out of it so I feel like I got good value from it all together.

So before I start to disassemble the raptor 2 here are my questions for you guys…

Do you have any insight as to what you think is wrong with the raptor?

Do you think I could repurpose the battery, focbox’s, and hub motors into a trampa build or should I try to sell everything and start fresh?


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Thanks, this is great… And sad :confused:

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