Request...can we have location next to our forum names?

Anyone else think it would be a good idea (if it’s possible via the forum software) to show your location ie London UK or Texas USA etc next to your name.

Would make things a lot easier in communication understanding what part of world someone is from and handy when sourcing parts/ group buys etc.

Some people may not want to share their location which is easy enough via the console


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I like this idea. If someone doesn’t want their location displayed, they can turn it off in their settings.

But idk how hard it would be to implement in this forum software… From a programmers standpoint, this is super easy. But forum software is quite complex, and adding features like this are not always straight forward.

BTW, I changed this to the Meta category. The Meta category is for discussions about the forums organization and features, which is exactly what this is :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it would be a good idea too.

Just out of interest, what platform is this forum based on?

Pretty sure its called Discourse.

Let people just type in their location themselves. I am not a fan of sites tracking me.

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@Stevemk14ebr ??? thats how the forum already works…If you want to disclose your location you update it via preferences i.e. click the top right corner of the screen on your avatar> click prefrences> location.

It is blank by default…No one is tracking anyone :slight_smile:

Then keep it how it is. If people want to show their location they will.

@Stevemk14ebr Sorry if not clear, its to show a users location next to their name in forum posts without having to click on their avatar to reveal it. Currently you can’t easily someones location without having to click on the avatar.

Once again…if the user has not submitted their location in their profile then location won’t be shown. You are not being tracked!

sounds good to me then!

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