(Resolved) Problem after replaced DRV8302 on 4.12

Hi, I had FAULT_CODE_DRV and flashing red light on one of my v4.12.

The DRV8302 was in good condition, but I decided to replace the DRV8302.

I used minimal of solder flux on the footprints and cleaned them thoroughly with q-tip and acetone.

After repair, I test it with a low current power supply with nothing plugged in.

On the VESC tool, it shows a constant output of the DUTY cycle above 60%. What could have caused this!?

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Well that’s unexpected.

If you leave it off overnight, and then turn it back on, does it take another 30 minutes, or does it work straight away?

It works on the bench test. I have not test ride on yet. I have replaced a few of DRVs on 4.xx before. This VESC was water damage from saltwater.

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