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Do you have access to a lathe, cnc machine, or money to dish out on these items? I’ve seen a lot of threads like this from people saying they want to but without access to the proper tools or money to buy them all your idea is going to do is be on paper

Edit: on top of that a lot more goes into hub motor building than an ordinary drive train, your question tells me that you haven’t read enough to worry about heat, slide or press fit, how you will secure the stator, or even how to get the urethane on the motor can

Before you consider welding think about the weight that’s going to be applied to the overall truck and. The abuse it will take when riding

It’s gonna be hard to make that without cnc because that piece they use on the v3 to hold the wheel is cncd

I’ll have to sit down and draw this out

Haha no dumb questions here, at least ur asking that’s the first step

An easier option would be to do a spur gear direct drive with no belts

Noise might be an issue but doable

Yes, but designing a motor to do that requires a lot of knowledge, hey if you can do it that would be sweet. Hit me up if you need any cad designs of your drawings.

Dude I had the exact same idea just slightly different. Sadly I can’t actually do my first prototype until I get a 3D printer which will be in the next few months☹️I’ll let you know how it goes though

ok first thing is first. ditch that motor and get an SK3.

dont cut the truck, that will never work, all the stress will be on the weld and you motor will just break off.

punch the 8mm shaft out of the can and put a bearing in where the shaft was press fit in. remove the bearing from the stator side and bolt or glue the the stator to the skate axle.

this is the basics, however people have found that over time the motor bearings will fail so additional engineering is needed to upgrade bearings etc. good luck.

your second drawing is the most plausible design. I suggest the SK3 motor because it had both an internal and external bearing, which is a must if you are going to direct drive.

Not sure if you’ll need it, but I’ve made a cad model of the 180mm paris trucks. I wish you luck on this project, it’s some serious rebuilding IMO. I think you’ll eventually have to transition to modeling parts before you make some irreversible changes. So yeah, here’s the model for when you need it.

If you ever need it in a different file format, feel free to shoot me a PM.

What the hell just happen on that thread ??? People are investing time to answer your question, and they could be useful to other people who wish to go the same route as you… @pehra564 why did you delete all of your post ?

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The point of a forum is to collect information about a topic so we can point noobs at similar threads that already explain what they need to know if you delete half the conversation then the thread becomes pretty worthless to everyone and just a big time sink to everyone who is offering advice/help (not that it’s not a time sink anyhow, but at least there is some benefit to the community to answering if the conversation lives longer than we do, unnecessarily deleting is a disservice to us all).

Have you looked into local 3D printing service available (hacker/maker spaces, libraries, etc.) ? You don’t really need to own a 3D printer if you only plan to use it for one thing (3d hubs, shapeways, lots of places will print for you and send you the model), main reason to have one is so you can rapidly prototype designs so if you plan on designing a lot of things then it can come in handy to have one at your disposal.

Also, my Prusa i3 GURU kit was $330 when I bought it a few years ago, price hasn’t come down a ton because really the cost is mostly the stepper motors, heating elements, and other things that were already mass manufactured so the prices on them are already at the economy of scale level. Cheaper ones available for sure now can get one for $200 or so but will be cutting corners so likely no heated print bed (needed for ABS or Nylons) probably crap hot-end etc., but better off using someone else’s better printer than owning your own crappier one (unless like I said you plan on doing lots of new designs).

I live in a very small town so I’m pretty sure there isn’t any 3D printers around here. I have found one that looks quite decent with a few little modifications. It costs about $270 Aud. It’s the Tevo Tarancula and has a 200 x 200 x 200 build volume which is good for me and upgradable extrudes and extra parts are available. I am also going to get the one with a level sensor because the original one had a fiddly button that you had to align. Oh and it’s a DIY kit too so that’s why it’s so cheap

Check out the “Maker’s Muse” channel on YouTube he’s out in Australia I believe as well and has a lot of great tips about 3D printing he might have some better local suggestions and usually mentions when he had a hard time getting something.

Ok I will when I get home, thanks man