Revamped barstock build, Twin 6364, 10s5p

Here is a new thread for me new board. I made this primarily with the parts from my last build

Specs: -Running a 10s 5p Samsung 25r battery -100 amp supower BMS -two FocBoxes -6364 sk3 motors -Bluetooth chip for app control

  • Modified GT2B controller (still finishing)
  • Custom metal plate/ heatsink for FocBox with a closed circuit cooling system. Draws air in through a scoop on the bottom and then blows it out the other side. -Carbon fiber top plate with Abs plastic used for the rest of the battery box
  • Blue underglow led lights
  • Cherry deck with 6 coats of polyurethane, and glass for grip

Whats the future plans? Completely revamp the drive train, New 6374 motors, Better headlights and taillights, throw on brand new Abec 11 97mm flywheels.

** Anyone know the most powerful 6374 motor out there? I know the SK3 6374 is the cheapest but I want whatever has the largest stator size and best magnets***

Well here are some pictures of this beauty.


Based on pure max power output, the sk3 192kv is the most powerfull 6374 right now

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What trucks are these? Look quite wide :slight_smile:

@Okami They are MBS ATS with 10mm axles. I’ve had a problem with them bending though so I can’t recomend them. The only advantage is being plenty wide for 6374 and 30 bucks a pop.

Cool, thanks for answer… I wasnt sure whenever these are mountainboard trucks or not…

I think i havent seen many use these for longboard builds…

The way I was ‘suspicious’ these might be AT trucks was because I saw some spacers on the ‘non motorized’ wheels… :slight_smile:

Looks like you made the drive wheels wider (in terms to the wheel base)…

So yeh, too bad to hear u got them bent… did u manage to straighten them out or not? I think it is sometimes possible to make them back straight again… didnt try with mine, as I just replaced them and im not super super are they that bent but they did look damaged … (had a little fall, which made some impact on front trucks… a while back)

The Turnigy sk3 6374 isn’t a 6374 though I think it’s more like a 7086… So that’s not really a fair comparison, comparing it to other 6374s

*5986 just being nitpicky

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It may not be a “real” 6374, even tho it has a longer body, it have a smaller width. So the stator size is comparable to other “real” 6374.

It’s still not fair comparing it to 6374s.

What’s wrong with saying it’s an ultra-powerful and highly-recommended non-sensored 5986? And the best in its class!

Nothing wrong with saying that, but people often look for 63xx motors. So for beginners, it will be easier too find. As the name says “6374” people count it as one, even tho its not an 6374

i guess technically most 6374 motors are not “real” 6374. Motor numbers are supposed to be measurements of the stator size. In theory all 6374 motors should have exactly the same size stator, 63mm diameter and 74mm length.

however motor company’s have started describing motors using the size of the outer casing because those numbers make the motor seem larger on the spec sheet.

@Okami yeah I bent them back but ended up replacing them. I haven’t gotten to the back though because I need to make new motor mounts. Check this out though, anyone ever see the truck crack on top of the axle? Lol