Revel at the "Brand" new competition in the Direct drive race

1559232224028 1559232206212 1559232246385 1559232140095 1559232182007 1559232158290 This is not my company obviously. But I support Revel boards. They were my first intro into the Esk8 world. The Landwheel ESC in the Revel system pushed this 230lb guy up some steep inclines and handled some top speeds of over 30mph when the batteries where upgraded. The system never got hot and never failed me. Now I am excited to have the opportunity of introducing their newest system. Sent to me in email today Find Revel’s Direct Drive kit on Kickstarter June 4th. Also look forward to a new remote :grin: and some new AT Wheels in their near future. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: Maybe they will make the remote VESC compatible. @revel_flo


Interesting. I had a landwheel for a while and it was fun. Lipo wasn’t up to much but the power and delivery was top of the game at the time and for the money it was a nice kit. Remote was the best I have used though. Loved it. Why I now use the maytech only. Similar design.

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