Revel KIT repair & maintenance

Hi guys,

I’ve been riding my revel Kit for a while now and it’s been a good choice as in a starter electric kit. However I’ve encountered some issues with my charging and Revel will not answer my queries, I think the cover for the charging port must have been open (prob opened on a bump) and some water got in from a small puddle, the board still works only that it does not accept current anymore when I try to charge it via charging port, the only way I charge it is removing the battery and using a docking station. Has this happened before to anyone? Also for people who have direct drive how do you do your maintenance?

Much appreciated!

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Sounds like you diagnosed the problem… just get on the site and get a new charge port. Pretty simple swap

It’s just a guess based on the fact that that’s the only thing that’s affected, is a new charging port a component that can be bought somewhere?

Of course…