Revel Re-Soft in order to hit 60km/h

Hi, I would like to reset my Revel KIt ESC because I see that it has a CAP at 40 km/h and I was planning on hitting 60 KM/H with a new 12S4p build, is there a way of resetting the factory settings and editing the soft on it? Has anybody done it so far? Thanks!

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Is it vesc based? I know some of those newer Chinese ESC’s are semi programmable. Or Maybe it’s Maybelline.

It seems that it is a Chinese version and it has a small wire that might be for JTAG.

Yea man you can’t really do anything with it. Unfortunately it is what it is. Unless someone knows some black magic?

Unfortunately the Revel Hobbywing ESC variants are completely locked down. Only compatible with 10s, and non configurable.

There is a config port buried somewhere in the potting but it’s nearly impossible to get to, along with that, the one person that found it wasn’t able to configure it using the standard hobbywing software configurator

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Which company started doing them configurable? Is boundmotor vesc based? One of those companies anyway

wow ok, so the black magic thing was not an exaggeration :))) anyway thank you guys for finding the time to help me with the necessary info, will definitely go towards a 10S variant for my Semi-DIY build.

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Boundmotor is vesc based

The configurator is kind of a secret and I don’t even really know how to get the hobbywing configurator, its kind of behind closed doors. I only know because I learned it from one forum post and working at Revel

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