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Reverse engineered ESC programming card

My Hobbyking ESC did not come with a programming card and the one I need has not been in stock for several weeks now.
I now got the idea that it should be possible to get an Arduino to basically do the same things that the programming card would.
However I can not find any information on this on the internet and was wondering if somebody on this forum has tried something similar or can point me in the right direction.

The ESC is the X-car Beast 150A which can apparently be programmed with the Hobbyking one, a ZTW Gecko, an Aerostar LCD or the GoolRC LCD card.

get TB’s programming card

Shipping to Europe will probably kill it - I can get one for 25€ here but find that super expensive for something you only need once.
Also I find it ridiculous that people have to buy these things for a one time use - so much unnecessary waste is produced solely because the manufacturers can’t publish a simple arduino script.

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