Reverse Mount ground clearance with TorqueBoard mounts and motors

I have the same issue, but the angle of attack I used is somewhere in between the first and second picture. I found the perfect height, i just had to move the motor head around and find the sweet spot. It took me around 3 hours to get it all perfect.

We have a reverse mount that clears the kingpin which is the better option.

We’ll have more exact build photos soon that way everyone get’s a better idea of what your able to do.

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Question, are those the regular mounts or are the specifically the reverse mounts ?collections/electric-skateboard-motor-mounts/products/63mm-reverse-motor-mount-set

I got the dual motor kit, and I had a dropdeck as my first board, so I tried to switch it to reverse mount but I ran into the same issue. I was thinking maybe their reverse motor mount would do the trick.

@tomymuci Yeah, you’d want the reverse mount if your running a dropthrough. To keep the normal mounts “as short as possible” we have a reverse mount for specifically mounting in reverse.

Just made a post about the mounts here: