Reverse Mount ground clearance with TorqueBoard mounts and motors

I was putting together my first DIY esk8 with the Torqueboard mounts and I’m finding the ground clearance a little low… does this look low to anyone else? Or am I being paranoid?

I can’t raise it any higher… the next possible position would be way too high.

Advice please!!! Thank you!

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That’s too low… unless you get rid of the riser in which case it’s reasonable. Alternatively, add another riser. Or just rotate the motor so that the wires aren’t a problem and then you’re good to go (most likely)

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That’s what I thought … :stuck_out_tongue: … Thanks!

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I had the same problem with other mounts. Designed my own mounts that will arrive soon from china :smiley:


Will they be available for sale?

I ordered a small batch and if they hold up well I will sell the ones I do not use myself.

On the topic of bringing up other mounts…

Mine will not have that ground clearance issue either. Just thought I would casually throw this in the mix :slight_smile:


You could try relocating the rear truck further back on the deck so that the motors are not under the deck.

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@Erod - We have a reverse mount if you want to mount in reverse. Out of stock now but should have some in on Monday/Tuesday. Reverse mount will also clear the baseplate.


Move the trucks back and not do reverse mount?.. hmm… might be crazy enough to work.

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Thanks, I’ve already spend way more $$ on parts than I was expecting… Would rather buy a used deck that fits better.

Do you have an SLDPRT or F3D file of those kegels by any chance?

Actually, I meant to move the truck back and keep it reverse mounted.

Please keep us posted, I’m in for a set!

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Yeah that’s what I thought you meant at first… but the motor wouldn’t fit that high anyways, the trucks are in the way…

BUT I still moved the trucks back 3/4 inch to the rear and I think that’s going to work non-reverse… Just need a slightly higher riser… so thanks for the idea!

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On an electric skateboard? No way


giphy (1)


I feel your pain. My budget at last summer was 600e. I exceeded it only about 800e​:joy::joy:


Its just a cylinder with a picture mapped on top :slight_smile:

Sure! I will make a thread about them after testing :slight_smile: