Reversing 6355 230kv sensored motor by DIYelectricskateboard HELP

I have a dual rear longboard and recently upgraded to sensored motors. these product/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-230kv-2650w/

But naturally one motor spins in the correct direction and the other does not! i know that on sensor setups there is only one correct way to connect the wires so i cant simply just swap the wires like in a sensorless brushless setup. And i attempted to program the ESC to reverse mode but it did not work. the motor (when throttle is engaged) will engage breaks.

Side note I also cant reverse even if i set the esc to forw/brake/rev mode.

Anyone know how i can reverse it?

Here is the ESC i use. product/single-motor-120a-6s-esc/


Isnt that esc not sensored?

I don’t think it’s sensored. His 12s ESC has a sensored version I think.

No it is sensored. 120 amp esc brand is fvt

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Oh thanks I guess I didnt see that.

It is sensored. Google fvt 120 amp esc. You’ll see sensor connectors. Remember I run two of them one is working fine sensored the other is working fine but backwards :frowning:

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Any update on this?