REVIEW and EU/USA GROUP BUY - 90mm MAD Hub motors 75Kv or 130Kv - Dual 170 Euro. 1st round Closed_ Working on the DD conversion Kit_Mad Fury


Please note, Only to show the complete set up, new deal its cheaper, but with out the truck!

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Hello folks! A friend of mine gave me his contact for this Hub Motors. They look exactly as the TorqueBoards ones, with same specs ecc… I believe they are the same :laughing: As far as I know they performe quite good and I will get it one pair for sure or maybe 2 because I can not decide between 75Kv and 130Kv (life dilemma!). I have the diyebaord 90mm hub 75Kv and they are strong but I got used to the top speed. I know there is Carvon and other option for direct drive but for the moment I still want to follow my passion without spend a fortune :sweat_smile: Update 19/07/2018 Here the new and to me more better deal. The original deal was 215 Euro with the truck. Since the guy didn’t have the truck we were going to pay it more. So the new deal I got it is still for a small order. We need to reach at least ** 10 sets of dual hubs or 20 hubs in total**. As I said they come without the Paris truck (clone) but you can purchase them for really cheap, either locally or on Ali (1pair New 8" long board trucks P bridge paris skateboard trucks electric skateboard truck 8inch dancing board long board bridges to Clipboard - price for two) :wink: the hub are 75Kv or 130Kv. They are hall sensored, but you will need an adapter or change the JST connector since they have a ZH 1.5mm as the torqueboards hubs, but you need a PH 2mm connector for the VESC. Of course I can offer to do that for you for cheap. The specs are exactly the same as the torqueboards and they advice 75Kv - 10/12s top speed around 25mhP 130Kv - 6/8s Top speed around 20mhp What is interesting to me 12s 130Kv way above 30mhp (keep in mind 4.12 VESC ERPM limitation)

That being said I will probably go for 130Kv and 10s. I know the ERPM is a bit at the limit but whatever :rofl: Other guys already did it, so who I am to say no to my heart. Now the nice part, for 20 hubs or 10 dual sets, we can have them for 90 Euro for single, or 170 Euro for dual, shipped to me (custom duties paid). Of course we can order more, but I will send the order as long we reach the threshold since it’s gonna be a small batch anyway and I do not what to wait to long. As option the guy also have spare PU sleeve in case you want to buy it already ( I will), 20 Euro a set of 2 (or 10 Euro each :wink:). If you want me to order the truck (maybe you need only one and do not want to pay for the second one) and ship them all together, I can do it as well. I am in Belgium so then you only need to cover the shipping to your place or come and pick it up! I checked the shipping cost:

With Tracking Number EU Country around Belgium 20 Euro (Germany, France (except Dom-Tom), Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Netherlands and United Kingdom. Rest of EU and USA 30 Euro (Azores, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Madeira, Malta, Man (Island), Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Croatia) If you have a better method to ship them, just tell me.

I think I said everything, I hope I calculated correctly otherwise instead of save money I am gonna be the only one loosing it. Of course if I get a better deal I will let you know, but It looks already good to me. For any question contact me. Just to make it clear, I am not try to fool anyone, I just like the idea of sharing in a community. If we will manage to get the deal I will keep you posted daily or weekly as you want.

Note: Since I couldn’t wait, I have already order a 130Kv test drive system. I should get it soon, unfortunately I will be k holiday so can only report back about it in 2-3 weeks. I will try to post pictures once I receive it anyway. My plan is to slightly modify it to improve the mounting system. I will follow what it has already been proved work and add something more (simple stuff). Don’t worry it’s gonna be simple modifications that I will share with you. You can either do it by yourself (Remember it’s a DIY forum) or if it is a problem I can do it for you before ship the motors (with a fair charge on it :laughing:). Some information regarding the modifications are in the posts below but I first need to inspect motor and truck to decide it. As I said I have already bought a unit, so I hope that I am actually fine. I have just thought it can be a good deal compare to the original price and I didn’t want to keep it only for me.

Ciao ciao…

My REVIEW of the MAD hub motor 130Kv.

"HOW TO DO GUIDE" to install the MAD hubs on truck.



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€215 per set?

yep 2 hub plus truck. I think it’s a good price for this kind of hub.

They are a good option if you want speed, but the DIYeboard ones you have are the stronger and overall better ones.

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I am not in for a set (still have my Jacob Hubs) but wanted to give my 2ct: Take care that the sensor wire plugs fit the VESC without adapter and try to find out the thickness of the urethane. Otherwise seems like a fair price (crazy how cheap these things got - my Jacob Hubs were 250 and a steal at the time)

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I am happy with the diyeboard one, I just got used of the speed and I would like to try something else. I know hummie should be the way but they are not ready and after shipping and custom are too expensive for what I wish to spend. Anyhow I though these hub are quite reliable. I always find opposite reviews about everything. I guess it’s a matter of point of view.

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The sensor should be correct but I will ask again. Anyhow is not a big deal change it, I also did it for my diyeboard hubs. Yeh the price is rather cheap. Although I think it’s just because it’s directly from the factory and without any profit on my site. I am actually dealing for maybe a better price, at least for me. Basically the guys don’t have the Paris truck so they have to source outside and we would end by paying more. If I did the calculation correct with the new deal I could offer 1 hub for 90 Euro shipped to me or 170 Euro for two hubs. For this deal we need to each 20 hubs order (or 10 dual set). It’s without Paris truck but I found them at 35$ in Ali the pair (2 trucks). I think I am getting one dual set up anyway. I will update the price once the guy confirm it.

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Guys @TarzanHBK @Maxid I had an idea. Since I don’t like the idea ti provide something that can be not reliable I will probably buy a set of 130Kv even if I pay them more. I prefer torque and I would buy the 75Kv over the 130Kv if someone can confirm that goes at leat at 45km/h loaded. I know that based on the Esk8 calculator 40km/h should be the top speed but I have seen motors perform different at the same Kv. Do you know someone that can give me an idea? Back to the idea :laughing: basically what I understood based on information available that those hub motor are good as motor but not well designed in term of screw and truck mounting. They main suck due to the back screws that tend to backout and the axel screw being only 2 small screws. So since I have some nice tool where I work I could drill new threads all the way the front plate (pics showing the original threads going only until the plate) and secure them with bolt from the outside.


Then this problem should be solved. For the second issue I can drill small holes enough to allow the screw to actually sit inside the truck instead of only pushing on it. I can also add a 3rd and 4th ones if I see the needs. IMG_20180717_200248

What do you think? Would it work? Thx :grin:

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I got this picture showing the thickness of the uretane. It’s on the harder side so it’s not bouncy. I do use shocks pads with my current diyeboard hubs and they help. hub5

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It’s really good I think i paid $375 for the set ober a year ago…they are awesome hubs really powerful…my brother’s 12S with these is a rocket ship.

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Yeh I will figure it out soon :joy: Did you get 75Kv or 130Kv? I am try to figure it out which speed can I get from the 75Kv, really one with a 10s battery. I already have the diyeboard 75Kv hubs I want something more. I am looking at least 45 Km/h with nice torque. Does your brother still have torque with them, even at 130Kv? I am planning to modify them to make them more safe (read previous post). Did you have any problem screws related? Thx man!

Instructions on how to install are in this thread

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Thx I have already read it :grin:. I still think that with the modifications I am planning to do they will be more safer and rock solid. I do not like to rely on loctite only.

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You obviously haven’t read it because BigBoyToys gave clear instructions on how to do exactly what you are talking about. Ignore the OP and read his posts

I did read it and the part abut the collar screw is gonna be similar, but I am planning to either had one or more screw for a total of 3 or 4. The second different is that I am planning to install real nut facing outside the hub to secure the back screws that are only kept in place by loctite. Where do you find those modifications in that thread?

In regards to the first part of your post about drilling thru the front of the plate. I don’t think it is possiible


Ah damn it. I though the back screws where actually inside the front one. IF you can post more pics that would be awesome. Thx

Which version do you have?

Wait then what are these holes in the circle, I thought they were the end of the back screws, do you have them too? 05fe95f03b7d14385918bf1d90fb9dc37b28d7e4_1_690x452

Edit: I see are the front screws actually. I will have to thing something else. Thx for the information.

75kv 20180717_20425620180717_20431220180717_20431820180717_20435720180717_204422

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