Review of IdeaTB's Trampa Mount (Crossbar + Idler)

Quick Review of the IdeaTB Trampa motor mounts.

IdeaTB designs and manufactures electric skateboard part as a side hobby. His items are usually of high quality with very limited quantity since he does it as passion and not a day job.

To get the obvious out of the way, these mounts are gorgeous. The little details that he incorporates into the mount really helps it stand out among the pack.

Installation was really simple. Put the mounts on the hanger, Install crossbar, Center the crossbar, There are 2 mounting screws per mount.

Performance had been excellent Despite only using 4 screws the mount is solid, no wobbles, stays straight and aligned to the hanger which means the belts don’t pull to one side or another when running.

The position of the idler was perfect allowing to run very loose belts which allows for much better free roll when you let go of the throttle. I did have to play with the idler a little to get aligned with my pulleys but this shouldn’t be a problem if you buy the pulleys and idlers as a set from him.

These are the best mounts I have tried thus far. Aside from being a little heavy I would recommend them in a heartbeat. You can find IdeaTb on Faceback here:


Woah! These are perfect for the build i have in mind! What’s your wheel size and pulley ratio if i may ask? I see the motor pulley is 16T. 16 to 62 :). The build is now in pieces will be putting it back together with more aggressive gearing of 14 or 15 to 40

Quick update on these on longer term review + post sale service from @Idea The mounts I been riding these for a while and actually purchased another set for my Kaly. The mounts had been solid throughout the time, no wobbling or loose joint or bending that was noticed.

Post Sale Service Right from the start @idea had mentioned that the idlers were prototype. They weren’t completely smooth and he actually opt to stop selling them for a while. Once new idlers were available he was gracious enough to mail me 2 sets free of charge (I did tip him to make sure he stays in the black but he was extremely clear that I didn’t need to do that and it was on the house)

Final thoughts I wound up buying another set of pulley from him. I will recommend his goods and @idea as a vendor in a heart beat. He delivers as promises, his goods are of high quality and he backs his product up after sale.


Got these last week and installed them on. Quality parts! Running on 16/60 gearing with 12s to come soon



did you paint them black?

Yep, i wanted it to fit the overall look of my board which is black and green

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difficult to do? whats the process? :slight_smile:

Not at all, i just paint the main components which are the main motor arms, and the crossbar. I used an automotive car paint, so it’ll be more durable.

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wow…thats incredible. thanks :slight_smile:

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