Rewinding 90mm hub motor

Thanks man! Are those Raptor or what?

They are SkullboardVIPs, but exactly the same stator as Maxfind motors. The aluminum “shaft” is different length.

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Ah ok. They look a bit too small to be a raptor. I got confused from you precious statement above

Ah no I was refering to @Minim 's pic.

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Someone in this thread asked about rewinding Raptor motors. I’ve been working with Maxfind/Skullboard motors from the start :slight_smile:

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Yes my bad. Thanks for the insight.

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As I mentioned to @Minim as well, I wouldn’t be scared of rewinding the Raptor motor (now, with what I’ve learned :wink: ) but I wouldn’t call it easy to do either. Especially trying to get better copper fill and/or changing the wire gauge. I’d suspect the Raptor motors are pretty well engineered as is. With these crappy ex-fan motors, just taking them apart illustrated just how poorly engineered they were, and quite easy for even a first-timer like me to improve.

I tried a couple of times to rewind using the same pattern as in the Raptor motor, with each strand going around the entire motor, half the number of turns on one tooth, half on the neighboring tooth, but it was alot more difficult to figure out how to do it, especially by hand. I gave up and went with what I used. Easier for sure.

I think rewind a Raptor hubs would be as difficult as yours. You would manage for sure. I was interested in knowing the stator size.

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Ok, so starting with a 42.0V battery (Samsung 30Q 10S4P), riding 4.6 miles at an average speed of 14.7mph, top speed 22.2mph, left me at 39.4V and a temp reading on the motors of 60C. I’d say this was a successful test of range and that the motor/wheel problems are solved with the rewinding.image

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I love to be able to tell people now, “I made my own motors”. Not entirely true, but moreso than not :smiley:

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@murdomeek I get at WOT on the bench 4133 rpm on a 10S battery. This is supposed to be 112kv, but this didn’t appear to change when I rewound from the first time. I don’t know what I might be doing wrong with my testing, but I’m happier with the results this second time around with performance, power, heat, and battery life.

I can’t think of a way to do the drill press method with these motors, not to mention I don’t own a drill press :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Great work. I have said skullboard dud hubs. Been waiting for version 2 to arrive. Love how the handle in the wet, hate how sluggish and inefficient they are. If they don’t come out with version 2 I’ll definitely will try your mod. Thanks again for the great work.



These are still going strong. I since discovered some issues I was having was due to the battery I bought having the discharge hooked up despite specifically having asked for it to be bypassed. Also had the Flipsky 4.2 dual repaired by @JohnnyMeduse.

I got ~11 miles with ~25% battery left yesterday, one long non-stop ride.

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