Rewinding motor tips

My thread on rewinding a motor.

The motors I rewound are on my esk8 still running with no issues. I never dipped mine in epoxy, in case I wanted to rewind them again. I’m really happy with the results.

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wow, thanks a ton @MysticalDork @Hummie @MiniChopper4Me. I haven’t started unwinding yet the motors just been in the freezer with penetrating oil for a couple days now because I’ve been busy working. @Hummie are you saying you would just rip the PCB off and run it sensorless? Because if so that is probs what I’ll do! Will start on this probobly tomorrow since I’m working again all night.

Thicker wire does not yield more kv, fewer turns does. Make sure to read the stuff @MysticalDork linked, I’m sure your chances of succeeding will be much greater the more informed you are before you start.

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I would just rip it off. easier and I find the vesc works well without a sensor and one less thing to break

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If you can get the sensor board off without breaking it, might as well put it back on and use it until it breaks. Most people run in sensored hybrid mode anyway, so the sensors are only used at low speed anyway. While it’s true that a sensor failure can cause the vesc to brake, it shouldn’t occur at high speed. (I haven’t tested this, so take it with a grain of salt.) I like sensors because it improves performance starting on hills etc.

Like MiniChopper said, wire size has no direct effect on KV - only the number of turns. More turns makes the KV lower because it increases the strength of the magnetic field.

But more turns do take up more space, so there ends up being an indirect effect on wire size, because you physically can’t fit a bunch of turns of fat wire.

This is also the reason that, all other things being equal, a higher-KV motor will have a higher peak power output - the resistance of the fatter, lower turn coils is lower, so you can shove more power through them before they overheat. The downside is that you reach the ERPM limit of your controller sooner, and depending on the controller that can do bad things.

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Oh yeah, I said that backwards woops I knew that I swear! Definitely gonna read up on all that literature tho thanks again