Riding with rain or muddy terrain with hub motors what is your experience?

I know that lot’s of people ride with they’re boards when its raining or the terrain is humid. What is your experience in doing so with hubmotors?

Don’t…they will not last long as you’ll ruin the bearings and good luck changing those out

i rode in a few drizzly days, wet road post rain and wasnt to bad after and i dried off the board immediately… however when it came to wet snow and days where they layed out salt on the roads, thats done the most damage… like insta rust and the hubs kinda lock up even after cleaning them off best i can right after… needless to say Im in the middle of a new build so killing them isnt a concern…

To everyone that says don’t ride in the rain/snow/mud/whatever

Some folks use esk8 as their transportation and just because it’s raining doesn’t mean we can skip going to work or the grocery store or wherever. “Don’t” simply isn’t an acceptable answer. It’s time for the esk8 industry to move past “don’t” because we can figure out ways to deal with it. BLDC motors are inherently waterproof so everything else can be made so too…

I ride my esk8 in the rain / snow / ice when I need to. Just like you would in a car. It’s like folks saying “Don’t drive your car in the snow” Sure, you drive less if there is snow on the roads. But expecting that every single car in the state will be parked because of that is ludicrous. We just drive slower and less often when there is snow on the road.

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I’ll just change the whole motor then. Not going to work because it’s wet outside isn’t going to solve anything

The main problem I have with riding my board when it’s wet out is its just so slippery! I was riding today cause it finallly got above 32f and the streets where a bit wet and I nearly fell off my board a few times cause it was so slippery in some spots. Idk if MBS or Pneumatics would be better, but yeah normal wheels are hard to ride with.

… as i just made a post asking for ideas on repairing my sticky hub that seizes up every so ofter after sitting around =/

no biggie since i have a new set of hubs waiting for an install, but maybe ill use these for some all wheel drive fun!