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Ripping out Boosted V2 electronics/repacking battery

Long story short, I have a Boosted V2 and the stock battery pack (21650s, I think) is fairly shot. I’m somewhat aware that the BMS and controller won’t work without the other. Since Boosted has gone tits up and I’m a bit of a DIYer, I’m inclined to rip out all the Boosted electronics and repack the batteries. Maybe mount a secondary battery box on the top of the deck, add some foot pedals, and make this thing a bit more AT than it is now. Might even replace the wheels, but we’ll see. My boosted is the only board I own and this would be my first e-skate build/project, so I’m still in research mode.

Anyways, I wanted to see if anyone else has done anything like this or has any thoughts and do a little planning first. I’m thinking this should be pretty straight forward if I reuse the ribbon wires running under the grip tape to connect the motors (I’m assuming those don’t need to be replaced if I swap controllers). Money is tight these days, so I’m trying to reuse what I have already without spending too much more. I can eat the cost of a VESC/controller and 12S BMS, but I can’t swing a new board right now.

You should post your question over the Boosted Legacy Discord channel, you will find more answers there.

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You’re mistaken. I’m looking to rip out the Boosted ESC/battery pack and replace it with a VESC while I build a 12S pack of my own. In any case, they weren’t helpful.

I wasn’t sure which route are you going with - fixing the battery or replacing the ESC. If you are going with the VESC route, you will face some issues. The Boosted battery will not work if you don’t use the Boosted ESC - the battery needs the ESC in order to communicate and to receive signals that it’s connected to something. If the battery is not connected to the ESC, it will show a flashing Red light on the power button and will shut itself off after 10 minutes.

In order to solve this, a communication module is needed. If you want, I can sell you one that so when you connect it to the battery it won’t shuts off itself, and the power button will be Green all the time. You’ll power the module using a 5v pinout from the VESC.

I’ve done this with a Boosted Mini I own.


If you are planning to also salvage the Boosted BMS and replace the cells, I have no experience with that. I think you’ll be fine if you make sure to replace with the same type of cells and with doing the exact wiring and spot welding.

Friend, I’m ripping out the Boosted BMS too. I guess I didn’t make that clear enough. After I’m done, it might as well be a Loaded deck with a ESC/motor/batteries because it won’t have any Boosted electronics in it at all, other than the stock motors.

I have about 50 brand new Samsung 25Es that I’m going to rebuild the pack with.