Rocket Boards Blow Out Used Sale Extravaganza! Carvon v2's, Hummie v3's and more!

I need to clear out space and pull some extra $$$ together, so clearing out old parts that I don’t need anymore. Here’s a listing of all of the parts I no longer need:

PLEASE NOTE: Prices do not include shipping. Items are also sold in “as in” condition. Guaranteed to be working on delivery, but come with no warranty…

Hummie v3’s dual drive with front truck and wheels - $350 These are a rare posting. prototype motors, these are a rock solid design. However, we don’t have good wheels for these and no plans to make wheels for these ever (v4 has new wheel locking pattern). So this would be great for someone who wants to play with pouring their own wheels! Includes 2x PC-ABS cores that wheels can be poured around, as well as 2 used wheels. These wheels had core failures. They don’t slip, but they have “play” i.e. undesired movement. Two of these sets are for sale! Includes the 3d wheel design!


Enertion Single Drive Train with trucks and wheels - $200 This is a limited edition gold enertion motor mount, with enertion wheels, enertion r-spec 2 motor, enertion trucks, and standard bearings. Includes 4x wheels with bearings, 2x trucks, 1x mono drive fully assembled. Just needs battery, esc, and deck!

Enertion Vesc 4.12 - $60 Freshly repaired by the wizard. Includes caps, no phase wires or power wires.


Enertion Spare Wheels - 4x enertion 83mm wheels - $20 In new condition, these wheels have no use.


Enertion motor mount with stuck motor - $10 I have a motor mount with a motor that is stuck can get pulley off or screws. It’s possible to get off, just will take some work. Includes screws, wheel pully, motor mount, and motor mount plate.


Burnt out r-spec 2 motor - $20 Great for someone looking to rewind a motor and get a great price. These motors have a fair amount of power, just needs a rewind.


Enertion dual drive carbon fiber bash plate - $10 This plate is meant to be used on a dual drive old enertion motor mount system. If someone needs a replacement, this is probably your only chance ever again.


PM if interested in anything! Thank you.

P.S. Photos coming soon!



10 ch

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Im interested. But lets see pics first :smiley:

The motor btw is blown out and not a very good one. But the mount is good if you can get the plate off.

What are the specs on the wheel pulley?

Are the trucks the ones that one is shorter for the pulley ?

Do you have pictures of the Carvon V2 Drive and the condition? Thanks

I’m rewinding a motor as we speak. The rear wheels are near perfect, front wheels and truck is brand new…

No, these are normal caliber style trucks as far as I know.

Still have everything up for grabs!

Must resist…I’m signing off until it’s all gone in a few hours lol…good luck I’m sure you’ll sell all of it quickly

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pm sent 2u

Sold one set of v3 hummie hubs. One more set still up for grabs!

1 pair of hummies, carvon v2s, and trucks are sold.

Is everything sold ?

No much is still for sale, including 2x v3 (not v4) hummie hubs and enertion vesc.

Gotta couple of questions, hope you don’t mind

The prototype v3s, which is the later of the two sets left? What were the changes?

How used are each set?

Are they the prior design which can short a phase?

What size wheel?

Any pics of the front truck showing the front truck & wheels?

Both of these sets were done together. It was used in my 4wd testing board I use in the performance day 2 race and I rode them for 6 months.

The changes are the follow:

v4: Open the motors via a C clip Square grooves for the wheel locking Reverse thread self locking nut holds the motor on

v3: Threaded ring to open motor Round grooves for the wheel locking Red locktite holds the motor to the 12mm shaft

About 200 miles, fronts wheels and trucks would be new.

No, there’s nothing “wrong” with this design. It’s just much harder to take the motor apart since there’s more red locktite holding things together. The new motors are breeze to open.

It really shouldn’t matter since you should have to ever open them.

83mm x 78mm

I can, give me a minute.

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Thank you, bound to sell after this post and another pic or two. I am tentatively in for a set depending on shipping

Ps.Are they sensored? I could not make it out in the pic

Everything above minus the broken motor mount is still for sale. Anyone interested, please pm me. Great deals to be had.

Also selling complete enertion single motor drive train. Fully assembled on trucks with enertion r-spec 2 motor and enertion wheels. $150