Rocket Boards NEW site and new product: the FOCBOX!

Rocket Boards is proud to announce the launch of our new site, at!

We are starting to grow, and as such, we need to stock more parts. After a year now of testing, we are confident that the FOCBOX is best ESC for electric skateboards.

WE HAVE FOCBOX’s IN STOCK NOW! With 2 day shipping from San Francisco to the west coast, you get your focbox quickly! 3 day shipping to the rest of the continental US!

We are working on remotes, power switches, hollow core decks, and hummies hub motors still, and will offer these products in the near future!


Website looks very slick!

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Thank you. Needed a fresh upgrade, and found a better solution to offer a better store :slight_smile:

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Site looks great dude. Awesome job! I’m sure you’ll see me as a customer soon. I love supporting all you guys here.

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Will be selling the 2.4 Ghz remote soon. Will be in stock next week!

The site looks great. Do you have an ETA on the hub motors yet?

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We’re getting new samples shipped Friday, should be here early next week. Still not in agreement on the wind. I’m convinced 15 turns of 19 awg in the delta termination would be best, while hummie believes the 8 turner of 16 awg with the wye termination is best. I got my wind going, been waiting for him to get his going. Were not entirely sure if we are happy with the design we have in hand, as the new design fixes a few potential problems, and gives us a bit more space inside. This will make the sensor board possible, where as it is now, theres no space for sensors, not that you really need them, but they would help a little.

We most importantly want to make sure what we send is not going to have any problems. Right now for example, I have a slight rattle. This new design should hopefully get rid of this (the fact were using a new manufacturer should help too, the last one overcharged and was not very good).

We want a flawless product, but at some point, we need to call the gun and start shipping. Of the big three, none of them are problem free. It’s really hard to get everything right on the first of a major redesign like the carvons, or completely new motor like the raptor 2s. Even though we are changing less, theres still some growing pains, especially since we didn’t assemble the old little motors.


Does anyone have any products they would like to see? Just curious if anyone has any ideas of something they are having a harder time finding :slight_smile:

A few months ago, I would have said mounts, but that seems to have been mitigated. Maybe get in on developing that JTAG BMS and having it as a product availble. Dunno if that would make sense unless you were making batteries…

Aside, I like the new site. Very exited about the idea of being able to buy a hollow core wood deck. And very intrigued to see what’s the deal with your hub motors. It’ll be between yours and the V3’s for my next build. Already thinking of ways to cyphon cash out of my account without my wife noticing…

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You might look for thumb throttle remotes the Benchwheel or Maytech remotes.

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Thanks for the support!

I’m mostly focusing on making new decks after these motors. Been too focused on the motors lately.

Excellent. Looking forward to see what you come up with. Love your prototype!!

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Thumb remote options would be nice

is anyone around here NOT selling focboxes?

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I want some hub motors that I can slide on. 80mm or smaller with some hard thane. Make em tiny, I’ll buy 4

Also i want moar hummies. Hurry up for fucks sake i’m tired of not having hummie hubs. The V1s are still on my bustin maestro kicking more ass than most. I want a giant stator in a long ass wheel. and fries and a coke with that.


lol, we are going. I will likely wind the rest of the motors we have with the 20 awg 15 turner. It works well, and I have no doubt these motors will last a long time, and are efficient and powerful. Hummie wants to optimize to the max, but I believe it could introduce new problems, especially with these first 18 motors (due to space restrictions).

I hope to wind the rest through out the next week, and I hope week can ship the first motors by the end of next week.

How about 10s & 12s BMS’s? I’m still charging Lipos by hand on a hobby charger, like a savage, but would like a domestic source of tried and true BMS options that don’t have ridiculous shipping costs or unknown reliability.

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@hummie sounds like me. Nothing is ever finished. I can never just put it down and say “ok, its done.” Because i could do this one thing… and this other one more thing. And oh yeah that thing.

Meanwhile an ulcer chews trough my gut; punishing me for wanting something badly.

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@evoheyax second that. Maybe we could work out some kind of import thing, or have the new DieBieMSs made in a joint effort to support the designer and get a decent BMS out there. And make a buck.