Room caught on fire[ situation figured out]

Glad you’re okay and that your whole place didn’t go up! Lipos can be scary, and while I don’t use them myself; if I were to, I’d only charge in my garage and away from flammables.

wtf man why?

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i hate this quote 18650 is equally dangerous


Might not be his choice :frowning:

The vice grip of a parent can be pretty persuasive


It’s bad, but no one got hurt. Still got the kanthaka? If you’re not totally off eskates I’ll send you an enclosure when I can get one made.


It’s not, lipos are actually known to blow up more than cylinder cell li-ion.


holy crap. Your mom must be pissed! What battery were you charging? Glad to see no one was hurt!

Full house of water damage? does it have a built in sprinkler system? I always wondered about my house since I have those, like if they all turn on or just the fire areas

While I understand I think it’s a bad idea. Something horrible happened and in my opinion you should take some time but definitely get back on the horse. You’re always gonna have these setbacks yknow but how you respond to them is what makes you.

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that completely stupid, its not because of the battery it self


Full house is water damaged, sprinklers ruined everything


Might not be his decision to quit…at least those flywheels still look in good shape.

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it was your house, holy fu*k, i can see why your parents are mad


Believe whatever you want to believe man


Damn! Hope your ok!

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if I ran my 18650’s totally unprotected I guarantee you they will blow the same, maybe the cid will pop on a 18650?

Damn thats crazy, hope this never happens to me.

Hopefully u decide not to quit man

Also you need any thing let me know, I can try and help you out.


IDK enough but I did notice an old Evolve battery on Psychotiller’s bench was was swollen so he rush to toss it out. That puffing seems a tiny bit safer since it’s kinda a warning sign?

Parents decision, the whole house is water damaged while my room is toast

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It’s a visual warning sign sure, but there are plenty of other signs that someone can check if they really care enough about their cells

Lipo or liion :man_shrugging:

i mean if you see lipos swell a lot and you keep using it and it blows than that your issue, there was clear indication, also evey hobby charger has internal resistance test (another easy test)