Room caught on fire[ situation figured out]

Hey guys, well my room caught fire when I was charging a lipo battery, any support would be appreciated because I lost all my esk8 stuff in the fire. Here’s a video of the damages image image image image image image Any donations would be greatly appreciated because I’m going to end up paying for my mayham. just started working less then a month ago and need to somehow collect 5k


Holy fuck dude are you ok?


Were you not watching when charging?

Dumb question, but if you’re charging a lipo at a standard amperage (2a is normal for like ion, I figure it is for lipo as well) will the battery deform over a significant period of time? Or is it a <5 second type of thing

its 1c not 2a

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Came out of the shower to my room on fire, no one was hurt


did you have sane nearby?

Ok, well can you answer my question instead of just correcting me? :joy::joy:

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sry… :rofl: anyways charging at 1c is a bit high, because at that rate you would be charging a 10s4p 30q pack at 12a

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Yeah yeah :roll_eyes: :laughing:

E: that’s not super high, right?

I thought it was like up to 4a per p group when it comes to 30qs

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My whole house has a ton of waterdamging

Shit man. Sucks to hear. I’m really sorry this happened. Wish there was something I could do but unfortunately not sure what that could be. Glad you’re safe though. Gotta take your wins with your losses. Nonetheless if it shows nothing else, maybe time to use some safer tech. Lmk if there’s something I can do or if you just want to chat. -Charlie

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Was this a pre built or a esk8 you built?

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Just a lipo on charge, it was a altered board I was working on

did you already report the incident to the building manager/ staff?

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JESUS DUDE… Glad your ok…I’ll make sure to never leave a lipo unattended. I had a single 18650 go off in my room, heard it sizzle and saw smoke so i took it and threw it in the garden while It burned out. Nothing like this though. The parents pissed?

Yes, have to get relocated because it’s full of water

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My dad is pretty mad, mom is just really shook

did they get mad?, something like this could really limit esk8

Probably quitting esk8 after this incident