Run Motor at a set speed with a simple switch

Hey guys. I’m trying to use an old skateboard motor and vesc for a machine I’m building. But the remote is being problematic. I only need the motor to run at a set speed and would like to add a switch to turn on and off. Is there a way to do this? I have set the motor to a speed I want and can control it with the keyboard. But ideally we don’t want to have it connected to a computer to use it. Image of the Vesc is attached. Any help would be amazing! Thanks

You can use the ADC pin for this, but do NOT feed more than 3.3V into that pin.

Thanks for the reply. So I should just put a current to ADC pin or just bridge the 3.3v pin and the ADC pin? I’ve found this diagram for reference, which matches up with our board. Thanks heaps!!

Yes, connect ADC to ground through a 10K resistor. Then you can program it to run the motor when you connect 3.3V to ADC with a switch.

Sorry, I’m a bit of a novice. So, I checked and there is 3.7v on the 3.3v pin in position 2. I’ve tried connecting the 3.3v and the ADC pins. This didn’t have a result. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks for your time with this.

Did you add a pull-down resistor?

Also it won’t do anything. This is only giving it an input signal. You then need to set up the software (in VESC Tool) to use that input signal, using the “ADC” application. Duty cycle mode.

If that’s the case just put a 1k or 1.2k ohm resistor between the switch and the ADC pin. You can probably leave it off if you can’t find one. But you do need the 10k resistor between the ADC pin and the ground pin.