RunPlayBack 20" ABS Enclosure for Space Cell & Single VESC

I’ve been getting a few requests for these after finishing my build so I figured I’d slap together a video and throw em up in the market. The Sulaco V1 is designed to house the Enertion 10S S.P.A.C.E. Cell Li-Ion Battery, a single VESC and a standard 2.4ghz receiver.

L: 20" W: 8" H: 2"

$45 Free US Shipping + motor holes + trim


I always love watching a professionally filmed video!.. makes mine look fairly shit.

The company I am doing work experience for atm doing plastic thermoforming mostly for trucks and boats.

Would love to get them to make a nice enclosure. Could even form the whole board really but it wouldn’t be practical to do just one.

To be fair, it’s years and years of camera gear hoarding plus it’s my day job. If I was in AU I’d be more than happy to shoot your vids just to play with the Raptor

Holy crap! Lol maybe sneak it in after hours :wink: I’ve always wondered about the industrial thermoforming shops, seems to be a lot around my way, especially near Detroit. I always assumed it would be crazy expensive to get stuff prototyped.

Ann Arbor ? Isn’t that the place where the skate community managed to build a beautiful new skate park ? I think I saw a video about that recently.

Yup! A2 Skate Park

It’s a pretty robust skate community out here and most of my friends who skate are pretty receptive to DIY electric boards. @Jeff and I started up a local Ann Arbor FB group to get a few folks interested in doing builds. Some of my purist skater buddies back in NYC hate pretty hard on eskating but here I think people are genuinely interested. There’s also a fairly large maker and tech community so that helps.


Are you still selling the enclosure? I need it for a Jet Spud 29" build. The website is throwing a 404 error.

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