RunPlayBack | 36" Jet Tomahawk Deck | Dual Carvon V2 Hub Motors | Space Cell | Twin VESC's

Hey all, my original single hub build was one of my favorite things I’ve built so far thanks to the ESK8 community. However, the communal experience of riding with others is way more fun so I decided to do another build.

My basic goals were to create a similar, stealthy board, with a slim enclosure, dual hub motors and VESC’s. There’s a constant debate on belt drive vs. hub motors but for me, hubs feel like a solid hybrid between a regular skateboard and an electric. This is mostly due to the stealth and coasting ability. Here’s the breakdown of my parts.

36" Jet Tomahawk Deck Carvon V2 Dual Hub Motors Enertion 10S Space Cell Twin Ollin Board Co. VESCS TorqueBoards 2.4ghz Mini Remote RunPlayBack Sulaco V2 Enclosure

I have yet to take it out full throttle but some quick laps around the block were pretty amazing. Other than riding on my friend’s Boosted, this is the first time I’ve felt the power of a dual. I think my 29" single hub build is best suited for my daily commute but for the occasional times that I want to let loose, this dual build is more than enough to get my fix. If you’d like to see a very comprehensive look at this build please check out my article here. Thanks again to the ESK8 community for all the encouragement and support!


NOICE! I have been using your thorough breakdown of your original build to put together my dual hub motor setup. Your new build looks even better man! Great job. And of course the videography is on point too! Let me know when you get some solid specs. I am interested, I will be running a 12s3p pack, but it should be pretty close to the same. Excited to read that article. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the kind words. So far the VESC settings I posted in the article work really well for me. It’s pretty much the same VESC settings on my single hub but lowering each Bat Max to 15. This weekend I’ll do an official maiden voyage and get some top speed stats. It really is a fun ride though, I already got 2 people looking to do a build just by riding it in the parking lot.

Funny that you already replied, and on that point. I was just running back here to thank you once again for posting your exact VESC settings, we have nearly identical set ups going and this point and this is a huge encouragement for me. I will definitely be coming to you for help hooking it all up that clean when the time comes so be prepared :stuck_out_tongue: . Is that Sulaco v2 enclosure for sale already? Didn’t see it on site when I messed up and ordered that wrong box from you the other day. I have Psychotiller working on measuring out an enclosure for me, but I would be super interested to see if I could cram the 12s3p cell in there, or maybe you could just make it an inch or two longer for me?

Yup I put the Sulaco V2 up today

Got some riding in tonight with the dual hubs. Really pleased with the performance of these things :smile:


Just a small update, I replaced the 97mm clones with the 90mm Abec 11’s. I’m hoping to gain better acceleration and grippier feel. I’ll post some results once I get these on the road.


@RunPlayBack How’s the wheel bite with that deck and 90 mm wheels?

I’m a lightweight so I don’t really get wheelbite. But I usually have Venom 87a stiff bushings boardside and medium bushings truckside. Hasn’t been a problem for my friends who are 180lbs+.

Hello, I’m new this community, and have been doing a lot of research to starting my build. I really like your build and would like to imitate it. Do you have any recording of how you built your board?

It’s linked above but here’s a detailed article on my build:

Just want to say thanks for this post. Like a lot of people it pushed me to go for it. Worked out great and its the most fun i’ve had on a board without snow, eh… @RunPlayBack


looks great man!