Ruroc helmet fix

I fell and crushed my storm trooper ruroc before I could make a mold of the visor which I personally really like. I wanted to put this Gopro compatible mount and visor on helmets. But a damn giant invisible (bright yellow) traffic barrier got in the way of these plans.

Here’s my fix to have a castable master for later. Took only 20 mins after an argument with a misinformed ladyfriend about statistics and medicine ended a stupid dinner date.

image image image image image

Obviously, I’m getting a new one. No shit Sherlock, they are made for one crash. Also, leaning toward DOT approved this time.


Don’t Ruroc helmets already come with a GoPro style mount? Or is this an adapter for all helmets? Sorry about your dinner date, hope at least the food was good and she paid her half😉

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Oh @Arzamenable you got 99 problems, the B ain’t supposed to be one

Are DOT helmet meant for multiple impacts. That’s the one think that sucks about the Ruroc and TSG. Expensive to replace

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They do have them, but I broke mine a day before casting a mold of it.

I think the paralegal in me would say that even after one impact resulting in visible damage/deformed foam, DOTs are no good.

Yeah, gonna pop in some Jay z and terrorize the SD harbor.

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