Ryobi 40-Volt Lithium-Ion 5 Amp Hour High Capacity Battery

Anyone ever consider using a battery like this on their emountain board? I was considering disassembling the battery attachment from the string trimmer this and mounting it directly onto my board. No external case needed and it’s simple plug and play with easily exchangeable batteries. Would it work and approximately how far would one battery go with duel 6374/6:1 Trampa?

they don´t say something how much current this thing is able to deliver, which often is a problem with these. Then this is rated 94Wh, so equally as much energy as an boosted board. So with an mountain board, you won´t reach 5 miles with it i guess. Mountain board batterys are normally 300Wh or bigger

In addition to the limited power storage, my gut also says that these don’t usually output the amount of current that we need. I think they usually use the lower current (<10A) cells

If you use a few of them in p you should be fine. I wanted to do this with 4 of my dewalt 20v li-ion batterys in p.

The pack is actually 200wh, though discharge potential is probably unsuitable.

Anyone know what batteries they are using? Maybe contact the company or something?

But wouldn’t connecting two of these 40V batteries in series double the voltage?

Yes it would. @im-done probably meant parallel

I did mean p i fixed it thanks for catching that.

In addition to the low discharge concerns, I don’t understand the benefit of using these packs over custom packs? You’d have to mod these significantly for emtb I think, and perhaps throw away the enclosures. They don’t appear to be less expensive. What would be the advantage?


  • Very simple modification.
  • Well engineered, consumer level attached/detach functionality
  • Sleek package
  • No time barrier to buy a replacement - just stop at home depot
  • Warranty on the batteries
  • Professionally engineered

I have some of these batteries and they are slick. Really well engineered to integrate into both the charging cradle and the tool.

Yah i just double checked, because in the second picture you can see the label talking about 94Wh. Normally you have 40V x 5A = 200Wh

I doubt 40v is nominal voltage. They just rounded a number. A more exact value should be on a label on the side or I guess you can just use a multimeter.

A while ago i considered AR Drone batteries: -


It looks pretty good on paper with 11V apiece and 20C discharge, plus you can get the cheap multi chargers that’ll make charging a doddle, and of course you’ve got the balance lead as well. Get six of them and you’ve got yourself a sound 8S2P I think.