Safe and reliable way to digitally turn your VESCs on and off


I know loop keys are a reliable way to introduce anti spark safety into your system but I was looking for a hands off approach that I could maybe control from a microcontroller, or at its worst, a simple press or flick. I looked into anti spark switches but most of the problems were that “it eventually is going to blow” and that is a no go for me. I wanted a reliable and safe way to do it, something that I won’t have to replace too often. I also read somewhere that a BMS might be able to do it but I don’t know much about them. I’m willing to spend good money if it gets me reliability and safety.

I am going to be running an Alienpower 6374 with a VESC6, and might have to switch 4 of these on with a single action.

Use logic-level MOSFETs and have a separate precharge circuit. So, two digital on/off controls. Turn on a precharge, let the filter caps saturate through a power resistor, then turn on the main power.