Safe voltage sag

Ok so have now been using my new setup for a few days now and just wanting to know if it’s going to last.

I have a 6s4p lg hg2 and riding around it roughly sags around 1v.

So is this acceptable amount of voltage sag or not.

Thanks in advance.

Whats your total voltage under load?

Well fully charged would be 25.2v so under load drop to 24.2v ish if on a hill would drop a little more

The LG cells can give like 20A each so your pack is 6S 80A max? If you use current the voltage of your cells will drop a little but this is very normal 24.2V is around 4V each cell.

You can see in this chart if you pull a current the voltage will drop a little bit. If you use around 5-10A the voltage will be around 4V so that’s what you got here so perfectly normal.

If you have like a 3V drop in your pack than it would be not very good if you ride for a long time (like uphill) because that means you’re using more than 20A out of each cell.

1V is perfectly normal - my 25R build sags like 3-4V

@onloop has a pretty nice new video of his raptor comparison where you can see just how bad the 25Rs actually are in terms of voltage sag: 40V at standstill becomes 34.7V under load.

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That’s fine, as long as your limits are set correctly. Max current draw ~60A and low voltage cutoff 16.8V

Yea I’m using a car esc so unable to have max amps but I was running an 80a max esc before I brought this 150a max so I know not doing more than 80a