SALE! 200$ for awesome 80mm hubmotors! spam!

with the option of geting the steel later.

i’ll mount them on the trucks of your choice and give you a set of kegels to match for the cost of those parts.

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enlighten us with more details pls.

I got prototypes made. They performed great. I jumped and bought 120. I’ve since decided that I don’t want to sell the aluminum because they will eventually rattle and even with the retaining fluid I’ve added to the bearing surfaces to make them effectively press fittings… all steel is what I want to sell. So I’m getting rid of the aluminum as cheaply as possible but don’t want anyone to be disappointed who buys them so u get the option to buy the steel at a later date for 225$. I’ll put up another video with full charge and you can see these are no junk.

PayPal to humminashadeeba@gmail plus 15 for shipping if you’re in the USA otherwise 50 shipping.


Magnet dimensions? Do they come with steel at $200? or @225

The aluminum are 200 and u can get the steel for 225 later. If u don’t buy the aluminum u can have the steel set for 500$. Better to just get the aluminum which I can send now and wait for the steel to come.

Is it possible to make these so that anyone can just bolt them onto any truck without having to machine the truck. That would be something!

That’s the case with some of the trucks for sale. Different trucks have different length of threading. The Arsenal cast trucks have the right amount already. Still needs epoxy though.

Fixing them to the truck…epoxy is a simple easy way that works.

Paris 180 combined with 195 for the front works as well without any modifications.

And the epoxy part is not a big issue, it’s holding them quite well. I’m using Loctite 648 (which is ok up to 180°C) to mount my motor pulley now for over a year on different boards, never had anything coming loose.

@Hummie, I have read so much about your motors and the funny blue goo and potting of thane for wheels and steel versus aluminium that I will transfer the money tonight. Just so that reading all that stuff was not a waste of time …

Will add the 50$ for international shipping plus some as gratitude for your spirit and enthusiasm


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@Hummie what do you personally use for sticking these hubbies on the truckkies? :joy:


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lol, its so hard to read that I’m finding my self laughing before I can even get the jist of what your saying lol.

given the proximity of the comma to the space bar, i suspect his thumbs are about 3 inches across.


I like this packaging.

Why can’t every two part epoxy come like this. i buy it because it’s so easy and hard to find high heat epoxy. No filler. Even clear. 10$ each though. The relationship with such a nice package will have to end at that price. I’m still looking for something. Maybe what Jerry said. it just has to be high heat I think.

For 225$ I would get a pair of aluminium and later just the steel? Never the less count me in. Is it possible to get bigger wheels? 97mm or so? :smiley:

At this point just the kegel wheel shape but otherwise yes to costs. I can ship u the motors in a day or two when I pour the better rubber

@Hummie, did you get my order via PayPal? All clear?

Phillipp? I’m just waiting for rubber and give me a couple days. Better rubber.

I am sorry but i did not get it …

  1. 225$ and i get hub motors with aluminium and later steel to replace the aluminium?
  2. Will it be hard to cahnge?
  3. Bigger Wheels are possible?
  4. If so, how much more?