%SALE% 2x Enertion Vesc 4.12 / Bestech BMS 10S with E-Switch! / / 3x At5 Belt 300mm EUROPE

Heyy i wanted to sell some stuff that i dont realy need atm.

1x Bestech BMS for Li-Ion with 60A discharge/charge 10S (NEW) E-Switch, balancing cabels HCX-D345 L145mm * W68mm * T13mm I had to buy two for 160 euro (tax,shipping,…) so for this BMS **(80 Euro) no only 70 with shipping included **

1x Enertion Vesc 4.12 i jst used it for testing (was not in my board for use) **(80Euro) noch only 70 Euro with shipping included **

1x Enertion Vesc 4.12 I never realy used it i jst broke 1 can-bus pin it also doesnt boot(jst blue LED is on). I dont know why but im to bussy to find out (looks like it has no bootloader but im not sure). *(*45 Euro) now only 40 Euro with shipping included **

3x AT5 300mm Belt (10mm) NEW **for all 3 (15 Euro) now only 10euro **

I live in Germany so shipping isn´t expensive All prices are without shipping. I live in Germany (europe) I can also add Can-bus cabels or UART cabels if you want, becasue i have to much here :smiley: (for FREE)

If you are intrested PM me i will quickly answer :slight_smile: You can pay with Pay-Pal or per transfer.

PS: sorry for my english :smiley:

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Are the VESCs working? How much to send to the uk?


the first vesc is working fine i can send u a video if u want ^^ i can send it in a package or in big envelope with protection. If you want i can also add Can or Uart cabels^^ @Pavel


Hey how much with shipping for the working VESC to Canada?

With DHL its 16 Euro @Pr0dy

The second VESC is working?

Yes the second vesc is working. Its a new vesc i jst tested the vesc so im sure that it will work.

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