[SALE] VESC6 Pneumie Trampa Board US

Selling my board for a motorcycle, had my fun, need a serious distance vehicle now. Asking $2500 total (you pay shipping additionally), i bought it for ~$2600 and upgraded it to dual Trampa original VESC6 (previously was Roxxy’s but they had a fire) and replaced both rear tires, tubes, and belts just last week (2 rides on them total). Motors are 192kv 6374’s, one of the rear motors is shorted and occasionally brakes unexpectedly because of this, this is a faulty motor and should be replaced before it’s safe, you buy it knowing there is this issue. There is no volt meter on the top of the case, you may want one to have something to plug the balance ports into, you can get em for cheap. Battery is in good shape electrically, i only ever charge to 4.1 and discharge to 3.4, always balance charged, there is slight markings on battery tops from esc fire but it is safe and in good shape. I also water proofed everything, tested in a hurricane, so yea it’s good.

Included is a GT2B remote, I’ll also sell my iCharger 206B + parallel charging board and spare belts for $100 more. Let me know this.

It’s 12s7p Li-ion split into two 6s packs so you can charge with a 6s charger. Tires are 7" Evolve street tires, and the motor mount was a 1:6 custom job from Jens at E-Toxx (nowind): Beltdrive System for MBS Matrix 2 Trucks HTD5-25mm on “Five Star” Hubs . Here’s original pics from @benjammin who i originally bought this from, i can post up to date pics later tonight. IMG_0620

Thread history: Me Buying it: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/need-custom-build-made-trampa-136kv-mountainboard/32571/19 Fire!!: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/roxxy-esc-fire/36069/11

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I am not sure I can even afford it but I am curious tho,

You are located in the US right?

How many ply is the deck? Would you be open to sell the board analog (deck + Trucks + wheels + bindings)?

I’m east coast U.S, West Virginia. I’d only sell as whole, but if you found someone else to buy too you could resell spare parts as a middleman? If you did this I’d absorb the shipping cost for ya, and sell it 2500 flat

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Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I am not in the US and as I said I probably cannot afford it.

Sorry, I did not mean to waste your time, on the positive side, that is one less question you would have to answer and it sends your post back to the top.

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chucked US up there for you dude. Helps.

Here’s some up to date pics, board is muddy, VESC6 have rubber covers on them, everything is coated in epoxy. I’ve found it’s safer to ride with heal strap up so I can bail out quickly: IMG_20181030_162404458 IMG_20181030_162611531 IMG_20181030_162414333 IMG_20181030_162325953 IMG_20181030_162504187


Fixed motor issue, it was a loose motor wire :rofl:

Hello, your sakteboard stiil for sale?

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Hello and welcome to the forum! This post is more than 2 years old, so my guess is that he already sold his board… Or he is really patient… but who knows