Samsung 25R Green (Newest) $4.00/cell w/ free domestic (US) shipping

Thanks for checking them out - at that price I could not resist - 12s3p here I come…


Thanks RPN314 - just bought 10s3p plus a few extra - now just need bms from JTAG.

Glad I could help! The only odd thing I noticed was that the box didn’t have any type of markings for it being a shipment containing lithium, but I’m not familiar with the laws so I have no idea if it even should have.

Yeah most carriers require it. That’s pretty bad practice. They do it incase the box gets damaged, they can properly handle it. Also so they make sure ground shipping is only used.

They used FedExGround, so maybe they only required it to be declared as containing lithium but the package itself didn’t require markings? I have no idea, just thinking of possibilities. Either way, they got here quickly and damage free from what I can tell.

Ok, I am impressed - I ordered yesterday and they are arriving tomorrow.

I’ll let you know on the packaging. I have seen this before - once ordered 30 cel phone batteries through Amazon and they arrived in a soft envelope with no markings at all.


I tried to place an order today and shipping was no longer free. Did I miss a discount code? Cells are still $4 each which is an incredible deal, but for my small order (8 cells) I can get them from amazon for less when shipping is factored in.

I think it said free shipping for orders over $50.

Edit: Yeah, at the very top of the page on the left it says “FREE SHIPPING ON DOMESTIC ORDERS OVER $50” (their all caps, not mine. Just copied and pasted)

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@rpn314 thanks I completely missed that!

price back at $5 :frowning:

Yep, it’s dead, sorry! I tried to get everyone as much info out as quickly as possible, but it looks like it was a temporary sale. Sorry if you missed it!s

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@rpn314 what discharge rate did you use? And did you check the temps if the battery was warm or hot? It may technically be a 2500 capacity battery but is it 20A continuous discharge rate? So it’s “possibly” that you can still have a fake 25R cell with lower than advertised specs. We all are paying the extra bucks for 18650s because we want high continuous amp draw cells.

I only discharged it at 1.5 amps since I only had an iMax B6 with which to test. They stayed cool (room temp) the entire time, but with such a low discharge rate that isn’t surprising. I’ll have to figure out a way to accurately test at higher amp draw.

Lights …lots-o-lights lol old school

You can get 'em for that price from when you buy 'em in 4’s. I’ve ordered my imax b6ac v2 from gearbest, but never any cells. The reviews suggest they’re genuine.

Go for it. I wasn’t willing to wait the time or risk any issues with that site.

I feel the same way. I looked online to see what the feedback was on Gearbest and it’s pretty mixed reviews. I’d rather pay a few more bucks for the peace of mind.

Well, the prices do seem very attractive but im also concerned about the quality / genuinity… Would be great if someone would take the risk and check them out…

In the thread @paragon posted that he had no trouble with the cell that he recieved from Gearbest. But I too dont want to waste money on bad cells cause I have seen some bad review although paragon seemed happy with this site.

How have these been holding up? Genuine or not?