Samsung 25R Green (Newest) $4.00/cell w/ free domestic (US) shipping

Just browsing around the sites I’ve been keeping an eye on for my 18650 build, and came across what I think may very well be the best deal I’ve ever seen on the newest 25R. Illumn is California based and definitely very highly trusted by the vaping market, though I have yet to see them mentioned on here. I ordered 40.

Samsung 25R |

If anything happens with my order, I’ll update, but if you’re in the market for 18650 cells, this is as good as it gets.


That is much better than, looks like there is no need to do group buys with this price

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Just an update, I have a FedEx tracking number, with delivery scheduled on Wed. July 6. So from time of order to time of shipment, it was about 16 hours, and then it looks like it’ll be about 5 day shipping time, which isn’t bad considering Monday is a national US holiday. So far so good!

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So what’s the deal are these legit?

That’s less than a 500 cell bulk order

I feel like they’re right at that fake/real border

Yeah, I’m a bit skeptical too…

Well if they are real I maybe down to make a 12s2p pack

I hope they’re real :slight_smile:

I looked through Reddit, and found Illumn is listed alongside Liion Wholesale and IMR Batteries in the vaping community and a few times in the flashlight community.

I will get my cells on Wednesday and can test them when they arrive.

Post back asap when you get these. If these are authentic i can start my 12s2p aswell.

If these are authentic, they might as well transfer their entire stock to this forum.

Okay, so they’re on the truck for delivery. I’m expecting them to get to my doorstep around midday. So I’m going to do a charge/discharge test on a few cells with an iMax B6, weigh them on a small scale, and measure them with calipers. And of course I’ll include pictures. Any other tests anyone wants (non-destructive preferably)?

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I read up on Ilumn a while ago, they are pretty legit according to a lot of vape customers and others as well. There was however once instance where they shipped out counterfeit batteries, but they were not aware, and fully compensated the customers. So you should be good.

Yeah, I came to the same conclusion, which I why I jumped on the 25Rs at that price.

Yeah kinda wish I waited a bit for this, I bought mine from fasttech for around $5 ish dollars US, maybe a bit less, and conversions made it quite pricey, all in all I bought 40 for $270 or something like that, haven’t built my pack, still doing a lot of research, don’t have access to a spot welder and I’m not confident in soldering haha.

They’re here.


Nice! So, with a claimed 20A continuous discharge how many in series and parallel are you going to run? That part always confuses me. I understand Parallel = capacity, series = voltage, but how does the amp draw factor in?

I’d love to try a 10s setup, but 2p 20 / 3p 30 / 4p 40 cells gets $$ and bulky…

How do you test to confirm they are legit?

Amp draw is limited by what the batteries can provide in parallel. so 3P would be 20A x 3 = 60amp max draw. For reference the Space Cell Pro 3 runs 10s3p of these exact cells for 36v nominal and 7500mah of power. You can confirm legitimacy by calculating total current at a constant discharge rate (i.e 1amp discharge).

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Started charging a cell. I’m confirming legimatcy by checking capacity first.

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thank you @Jinra - the logic makes sense to me now. I think i knew this… but it’s been a long day and need more coffee.

So looking at his charger - how do you confirm via charging? It always seems like the claimed mAh charged would depend on starting voltage? 1A discharge rate makes more sense.

and this is why i’ve stuck with simple old lipo packs from HK…

Appreciate the education and love to learn new things!

I’m charging it until it’s full, and then using this same charger to discharge it (it has that function as well) which will then give me the total capacity. The capacity that has been put into the battery is shown on the bottom right (00024 right now = 24mAh). The discharge function works very similarly, in that I set the discharge current and then run it (since the ending voltages are already set by this system), which will give the capacity in a very similar fashion.

I learned a lot about how Lithium batteries work by watching videos on jehugercia’s channel. I think this playlist is a good place to start if you want to learn.

Oh, and I realized after I posted this picture that I was charging at 0.1A, which is really low. So I’m now at 1.5A.

Well here’s the capacity, post discharge (after charging it fully).

And measurements:

And weight (sorry, I thought my little kitchen scale was more accurate…guess not)

So I’m deeming them genuine, and happy that I got them for $160 shipped!