Samsung 30q 3.3$ EU Any interest?

Try DHL or FedEx.

I just got a shipping quote frome one of them and its 240$ for 300 cells wich is really ruining the price

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Yep, shipping batteries is a killer.

What would one require from Alibaba seller to proof the quality and originality of their cells? I am currently talking with a nice lady which wants to offer me the best deal possible but i need, as i said, the proof.

Only way is getting samples but you could still get ripped off when you buy the larger amount.

30Q are at 3.35€ each on Nkon if you buy over 200. Is it worth taking the risk for such a small difference?

For now the interest isnt very big, shipping is expensive and the more reputable sellers have a huge moq, in my oppinion the group buy is off

I bought all cells from nkon so far… hard to beat the price and the shipping time. So i´ll stick to that, if there isn´t a huge pricegap


The price for 100 cells is 3.2$. Waiting on the price for 400 cells with 231$ shipping to Germany. It should be under 3$. I also think that nkon is the best option but my curiosity is taking the better of me :sweat_smile:.

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