Samsung 30q 3.3$ EU Any interest?

If we order 300 cells we can get them for 3.3$ each, is there any interest in this?

Seller is from alibaba and seems legit, shipping from me to you shouldn’t be much 2kg package, 15$ flat i think and that is 40cells, still waiting for a shipping price from them to me

Model: INR18650-30Q Manufacturer: Samsung Country of Origin: South Korea Chemistry: INR/NCA Max. continuous discharge current: 15A Nominal capacity: 3000mAh Nominal voltage: 3.6 V Charging voltage: 4.20 +/- 0.05 V


I guess you’re in the US?

EU, Croatia

How would it be to ship batteries to Norway.? I guess that will be hard :frowning:

About 23$, in package 11$ in a bag, kinda expensive 40 cells at nkon with shipping would be 170 or 210$ euro to croatia, probably cheaper for you just to order from them since its a local shipment And this way, 40*3.3+23=155$, still a cheaper way

Do you not get whacked with import duties and VAT when you receive shipments like these to HR? I’m certainly interested in participating.

He better be legit tho. If someone fucks you over on alibaba I think there is little that can be done. Tbh I’d rather order from a seller that has been tested by forum members before…

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Why don’t you just buy cells from If you write to them I’m sure they’ll sell them to you since they ship them from Germany anyways.

They said that they usually put a low package value so no import charges

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ru.nkon is explicitly for non EU only.

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If you can work it out i would definitely be down for this to happen. Just looking at them at nkon.

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Do your research, most of Alibaba batteries are… fake.

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think he was just testing the market

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You are basing this on…?

its fucking alibaba lol


To be honest, I haven’t tested and verified any Alibaba cells by myself. Shipping batteries to me is very expensive so I didn’t want to take the risk and pay so much for fake cells. However, when I searched for Samsung 18650 cells and tried Alibaba as a source to buy from, a lot of suppliers contacted me and offered really attempting quotes.

I searched online and couldn’t find any legit recommendations of buying batteries cells from Alibaba. In my research I found out that most of the sellers in Alibaba manufacture 18650 cells by them self. You need to make judgments and ask yourself if it’s possible that all of these factories are making GENUINE Samsung cells? Yeah, I don’t think so…

Do you really think they have any relation to Samsung? The only thing they have in common is the Samsung warping over the battery. In addition, Samsung 30Q are priced for around $3.00 in Alibaba. & (which are reliable & cheapest sources to buy from) sells them for around $5.00. To me, it’s suspicious.

If you have the money and the willing to get into it, good luck, maybe you will find legit cells.


Gearbest has quite a few negative reviews about this

I haven’t seen any negative review about their cells. However, their customer support and shipping time is very bad.

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So, I work in the IT industry in AU and one of the larger vendors that makes power banks etc offered to sell me some 30Q batteries at $2 AUD each but ended up not being able to help me out because of export laws :frowning: He said manufacturing is very cheap but the costs of getting stand alone cells out of China are incredibly expensive and often very hard. He mentioned something about a UPS package exploding on a plane some years ago… In short you could get the cells cheap. But may not be able to get them out of china.