Samsung 30q still King?

Hi guys,

I want to build a battery Pack (12s 4p) for my esk8 and was wondering which cells to use. I was thinking about buying sony VTC6 cells from nkon but i read some bad things about them in older Threads (bad lifespan and that the 30 amp discharge rating is too optimistic). So i thought about just buying the 30Q cells since they seem to be what everyone is using. I am a bit worried about Voltage sack though since they only have a 15 amp discharge on paper and i am quite heavy (90kg-100kg) Price isnt really a problem so if you have any other good cells maybe with other form factors I would be open for suggestions.

Well 20700 and 21700 cells are at a very competetive price atm.

check this out


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Sony VTC series are also very good they offer more discharge rate, which is important in real world…

sony cells lose a lot of their capacity after 50 charges so i don’t recommend them. Fogstar wholesale sells Samsung 40T for only a tad more than 30q so i would personally use them but depends on your build. molicell p42a are like 40t but even better. probs best cell right now, but they cost a lot. about ~2£ more per cell :roll_eyes: Sanyo 20700 and 21700 that @Chaki mentioned are good too especially with bigger packs.

Do a bit of reading on the new forum

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30Q king of discharge…20700 & 21700 great long range…I really like 30Qs…

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Thanks a lot for the replies, i just recieved my molicel p42a cells from the wholesale that chaki linked. For anyone reading this no matter what cells you want to get i really recommend checking out the fogstar wholesale, the prices are insanely good, i got my cells in two days and the service was super helpful.

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Recently I have not used 18650. I Use 21700, 40T and 50E.

I think 50E is not bad for 5-over10p. 40T should be 1-6p. P42a if you have the money.

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At the moment, molicel p42a are cheaper than samsung 40T on fogstar. Really no reason to use 40T But to answer on topic, 30Q are still great 18650 cells. But 21700 cells are getting really really popular. I think price is the reason, because they are cheaper than ever.

I live in Japan. I can’t shop from Fogstar. Nkon is the same. I was surprised at the price drop of p42a. Not long ago it was much more expensive than 40T.

I buy from QB. The best place to buy a cell depends on location.

I think 30Q is good for 10s4p and 12s4p. If the number of cells is smaller than this, p42a and 40T. 50E is good for large batteries over about 1000Wh. What do you think?

30Qs are good. I prefer lghg2, rated for 20A discharge per cell. I have monster 4000W 80A rated motors, so higher discharge batteries are a must

30q are actually rated to 20A as well in real life load tests and are cheaper as well, even Sony vtc6 are cheaper than hg2 cells. Not wanna say hg2 is a bad cell, they definitely good high discharge cells, but you just get more for your money choosing 30q or vtc6 cells.

One very important thing to mention to the hg2 cells (and cells in general), get them just from a trusted source. There are a lot of hg2 fake cells out.

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