Samsung 30t 21700 Tesla size battery cells

21700 the same 3ah rating as the 30q, BUT 35A continuous!!

you can see the performance at 10A is identical to the 30q at 5A!! which means smaller 1p or 2p packs are useable for esk8. and you get a full 3ah.

downside heavier, bigger, not for sale anywhere yet…

the upside, if they can double current, they can probably get the 5ah that tesla claims and keep hopefully 15/20a output in the next version! :panda_face:


Panasonic/Sanyo NCR20700B

Yea i’ve been looking at the sanyo 20700 but they are only 15A, 4ah. it is literally off the charts but not sure the extra capacity is worth it since the voltage is so low(slow) at that point… but at 5ah it would be worth it.

Looks similar to sanyo 20700a. The problem is the weight. A 12s4p with 18650 (~45 grams) cells will be lighter than a 12s3p with 20700 (~63 grams) cells

yea thats true. but with a 30t you can do 12s2p and still have 70A pack. then do swappable packs for range.

either way battery options are getting better!!

I’m making a 12s2p with the 20700b Sanyo cells for my personal board


A 2p 20700 battery would be similar in weight to a 3p 18650 battery. I’m still considering 20700 for my next battery though because it should be a smaller form factor which I think is the goal of this battery type

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This is what i have been waiting for! 10s2p here i come!

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nice and compact for 360whr! let us know how it goes…

That’s what i’m seeing on the scale too. 12S4P is 48 cells at 45 grams per cell making 2160 grams which is 4.7 pounds. Add nickel and heat shrink, an eswitch, a BMS and some wire and you’re just at about 5 pounds which is what i was seeing on the postage scale for my packs.


WIll do. Yea i was gonna go with 12s2p 30q cels but I noticed these cells and they fit perfectly in the enclosure I had so I shifted direction :slight_smile:

What kind of BMS did you take for your 12s2p2 for the Sanyo 20700B?

I used the supower bms


Hey any news on Samsung 30T availability?

12S4P on Samsung 30T would be kgame changer, a 120A discharge option at maximum 70C, I’m sold!

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It would also be HUGE.

Not so huge actually. I’ve been looking today agian and can’t find a proper seller (EnerDAN gave one to Lygte for test, EnerCIG gave one to Mooch).

It is about time Arjan from Nkon steps up his game with these cells !

I asked on a vaping forum, and Mooch says maybe next year.

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It’s about 50% more weight per cell

Yep but it is still relevant, depends on what you do with it.

Look my current battery pack is made of 2x 8S2P of LG HB2. 33v 6Ah. 688 gr of raw cells. Each 2P pack can discharge +60A all day and cells won’t hit 80 degrees celsius.

That’s ±1600W continuous power source in a tiny pack. Space constraint can’t allow another P pack, only few more series.

What if I make 2x 8S1P of Samsung 30T? 33v 6Ah. 504gr of raw cells. +40A continuous around 72 degrees end of discharge, 60A continuous is 90 degrees end of discharge.

So for a street setup I can simply drop 1P to gain weight (that’s +180gr less), I will be lighter, keep same range (probably even better with 30T in 1P) and pack same usable power.

What’s nice is that I also can choose to keep it same setup than my HB2 packs (space allows 2x 2P after all) so numbers go rocket : 33v 12Ah, +80A continuous around 72 degrees, 120A if stressed.

Yea that’s 1kg pack instead of 688gr but that’s also only 310gr more for double everything.