Samsung new cells on their way


This is really going to happen imo. The manufacture proccess will be only slightly altered. Many inventions do not make it to the market because of the production costs. In this case is viable and really expected. There’s a lot of people out there rejecting ev’s because of the long charging times. This tech could make the difference. Lithium should be changed for safer chemistries but right now it is difficult to dismantle the 18650 lithium factories for new products. Sadly money rules the world. Big changes take some time so I guess lithium is the next petroleum. While we are lithium dependant the least we should ask for is noticeable improvement. Higher C charge rates and temperature resistance are very good Examples.


12 minute charge time sounds good. Interested how much extra capacity they got and how it affects lifecycles as well.

The capacity is the same… the cycles could improve. They claim the cells can work at 60 celsius continuous without degradation. They didn’t provide more data. This was revealed this week so I asume they still have to test it. This will be the very exact cell with the graphene balls. They have the tech, they have the patents and they have the factories. I think (personal opinion) This will hit the market in under a year.

my bet is a cell that has 4200mah and 35a cont.

Even then, this will not improve safety for flammability.

I am afraid you are right. Lithium will still be lithium. There’s safe new tech out there but changing the whole industry can’t be done overnight. I bet those sodium cells can’t explode not even if you throw them to the fire. Solid state lithium cells are way safer too… In a logical world the best tech would always replace the old one but we live in a capitalistic world. Better or worse are meaningless. What matters is the viability for mass production. Samsung, lg, Panasonic, Tesla, Sony… they decide what’s next. Anything they create can penetrate the market in no time because they have the means to make it possible. Li ion is relatively safe or at least way safer than lipo. The world is changing but not as fast as we wish. One step at a time.

If you want a consolation prize to the flammability here’s a scientific article behind a paywall and a summary article on RT about the use of new chemistry to slow it.

I stopped getting excited by any newly published articles about Li-ion cells advancements since you won’t see this stuff implemented for about 5-10 years or more unless commercially profitable. The use of graphene in 18650s…nope. Solid state batteries ~10 years. The only thing you can look forward to is the rapidly decreasing price of solar cells and Li-ion cells.

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