Samsung prismatic batteries - SAMSUNG SDI 101 - Higher density, cheaper and lighter - Prefect shape for our boards? Made for the car industry… but looks good for our boards… if anyone can get hands on it i want to know

How the fuck to get info on these? Can’t find any specs beyond a picture and a number of amp hours

These highly sophisticated cells are not meant for us mortals.


those cells are still in development. only the modules are available through vendors who purchases minimum of 100 modules for power wall. i know where to buy the module but i dont think u can use whats inside since they laser weld

Out of curiosity, what is the cost for a module?

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srry those modules are different than what I saw. I meant the powerwall modules. but one i saw is $200 for 60ah. large and heavy and slow. and not Lithium but upon some research those are only available for really large vendors like a car company. not even sure if the mass production is available. maybe this guy can buy

I have found this… Maybe chineese company manufacturing 4 samsung

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you guys wanna just buy an electric car and jack those batteries, and before anyone says tesla unfortunately we already have 21700s and 18650s

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