Sand and Paint Request [US]

I have a deck here that has a protective coat on it hence why I can’t paint It directly. Anyone in the US I can send the Board to Sand and Paint per my instructions. Willing to pay for materials, Labor, and shipping of course.

get a new board :joy:

Pack of sandpaper at the dollar store. Bit of elbow work. Ez. Wet it down a bit if you are worried about dust.

It’s the space and time constraints that makes It a bit difficult. It’s why I’m willing to pay for something simple.

Heat gun!!! I refinish electric guitar bodies and a heat gun will even lift stubborn poly! I’ve never tried it on a deck but it should be no different. Just be careful not to get the area toooo hot or it can burn the wood. Once it’s hot it will likely come off in big strips - just use a scraper to tease it away from the deck. You could also use paint stripper but it gets very messy and is often worse than just sanding.

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