Sanyo ga 7.0ah or Samsung 40t 8.0ah battery? Help me choose!

Hi all,

This is my first post on here (so please be kind lol) although I have stalked these forums for a while.

I’m looking at a new Electric Skateboard and I’ve settled on two options; the Ownboard M1 or the Vestar Mini. One of the main differences as far as I can see is the battery set up.

I’m kind of leaning towards Ownboard as they have been around a while but the Vestar has put the the onewheel amongst the electric skateboards so to speak.

I’ve tried reading up on batteries but I just can’t get my head around them.

I’ve had a Landwheel lx-3 for the past year or two but I’ve really not been impressed by its hill climbing ability or its extremely perishable phanes. I’ve also bought another board but it’s faulty and manufacturer is ignoring me (more on that another time).

I’m mainly gonna be using the board to commute, I live in Sheffield (the San Francisco of the UK) so there’s lots of hills.

Which battery would you recommend? What are the differences between them? I know Sanyo lasts longer in terms of cycles but which will give me more umpphhh up a hill? Which will have less sag? Ect…

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!


How many in parallel? If just a 2p then maybe a 40t as its rates higher amp out put… But if yur doing a 4p either or possibly…

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Nice another person in the UK

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They’re both 2p, so you think the Samsung 40t will be a bit better?

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Definitely 40T. You need that higher current output in a 2p.


Thanks for the advice guys :+1: